Mortgage Finance in KSA

A decade of reforms towards Vision 2030 targets

The Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (SAMA) has introduced several measures in the last decade to enhance the regulatory framework and improve access to financing, starting with the Real Estate mortgage and financial laws.

COVID-19 and declining oil prices are expected to have an impact on the pace of construction and demand for housing, reflecting reduced activity. Additionally, the cancellation of the cost-of-living allowance for civil servants and pensioners, amongst other fiscal measures announced on 12 May 2020, could lead to a realignment of spending allocation for the housing initiatives under Vision 2030 outlined above. However, the combined impact of these factors remains to be seen.

This publication explores recent developments in the mortgage registration guidelines, incentives for home loan companies and applicants, as well as government measures designed to shape the new phase of development in the Saudi mortgage market.

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Stefan Burch

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