Elevating Customer Experience

Consumer Products and Retail Industries

The explosion of digital technologies and the new possibilities they have created have dramatically reshaped customer behaviors and expectations, and the pace of change is only increasing.

About this Report

As today’s customers and consumers expect to engage seamlessly across an increasing number of communication channels, CPG companies and retailers are experimenting with creating new human-centric experiences to better engage their customers, create higher value for them, and thus achieve much faster growth and better ROI.

This report explores:
  • • How customer behaviors and expectations have changed in the digital age
  • • Why CPG companies and retailers must transform their front-office business capabilities and architecture in order to be relevant to their customers
  • • How intelligent platforms and connected experience architectures can help companies engage with customers and consumers effectively on different digital touchpoints
  • • Why choosing a human-centric and agile approach is key to success when designing for change and innovation

Dr. Ahmed Hezzah

Dr. Ahmed Hezzah
Director Digital Customer
Deloitte Middle East



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