VAT announced in the GCC: focus technology and execution


Deloitte seminar on technology enablement for VAT implementation

Selecting the right technology architecture and operating model

With the formal announcement for VAT, organizations need to rapidly move from planning for VAT to execution. Our survey suggests that this would be a top 5 priority for CFO and CIO with a clear and present deadline. CFO’s need to work closely with CIOs and technology partners to implement the changes but also should take this opportunity to evaluate their supply chain.

Time is Short

Deloitte’s Indirect tax team are pleased to bring a forum for CXOs on Thursday, November 24, 2016 in Dubai to discuss the technology and implementation considerations. In our view the time is short and technology will be a long lead time item. The right technology architecture and operating model decisions can save significant downstream costs. 

In our view some key considerations for technology implementation will include:

  1. If you have medium or large scale packaged ERP, the tendency would be to “switch on” the VAT module, is that enough?  Are there impacts to core operations systems such as retail POS and purchasing systems?  And what does “switch on” mean anyway?
  2. Are there “bolt-on” systems available to minimize disruptions to your existing technology landscape? What would be the decision criteria for “switching on VAT” vs. “bolting on” a VAT solution?
  3. What are the new performance reporting requirements that you need to build for both regulatory and operational purposes? What governance mechanisms do you put in place to ensure timely and accurate reporting?
  4. Would your existing technology projects (such as ERP / other systems upgrades) affect your ability to meet VAT implementation timelines? How would you assess the impact and what actions should you put in place to mitigate execution risk of such projects?

The agenda on the day will include:

  • Plenary sessions on VAT Law and its implications for your operating model and ongoing operations;
  • Panel discussion with a panel of experts from the fields of VAT, ERP, compliance reporting and tax operations;
  • Breakout sessions to explore the impacts on your ERP system; VAT reporting considerations; and managing VAT systems and process implementations.

We hope that the event will prove useful in helping affected businesses understand the likely scope and scale of VAT impacts, and what changes might be necessary to accommodate them.

We look forward to welcoming you to our event.

Additional Details

UAE, Dubai – Ritz Carlton, DIFC.

9:00 am till 12:30 pm; followed by lunch.

Attendance Fee
There is no fee for attending.

To register as an attendee, please get in touch with us.