Tax Compliance and Reporting

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Deloitte's tax compliance and advisory methodology provides businesses with an efficient way of handling their tax compliance workload and meeting deadlines. Services are commonly bundled with finance and accounting to create a turnkey compliance and reporting solution. Extensive regional reach supported by local depth of knowledge and experience provides businesses the transparency and flexibility to address a full range of local and regional tax needs.

Our services can include:

Direct tax:

Corporate Income Tax (CIT) Prepare, review, and file corporate income tax returns per local and GAAP statutory standards/requirements. Businesses can select the requisite level of service to fulfill their tax compliance needs.

Regional or other tax Gather and review regional tax information and prepare requisite documentation and work papers to file tax returns for annual earnings of corporations and other legal entities levied by individual countries and governing bodies.

Local or municipal tax Calculate, prepare, review, and file applicable local or municipal taxes.

Other jurisdictional taxes Includes equity tax, payroll taxes, and other jurisdictional specific taxes.

Indirect tax:

Value Added Tax (VAT) Capture and report taxes that are levied on the value (price) added at each stage in the chain of production and distribution.

Withholding tax Determine and report withholding taxes applying in relation to any corporate income tax, VAT, industry and commerce tax, and other local tax requirements.

Tax filing:

Upload and electronically file tax returns or complete paper returns as required by the local taxing authority.

Tax provision:

Prepare monthly, quarterly, or annual tax provision under local GAAP, IFRS or US GAAP.

Turnkey startup support:

Provide startups and newly formed businesses with advice on evaluating growth plans, facilitating regulatory mandates, creating reporting structures, and developing internal policies and systems.

We offer startup advisory services at the inception to help manage and build risk management and tax compliance capabilities, including:

  • Alignment of HR/payroll, accounting, tax, and financial statements with internal and external statutory requirements
  • Creation of control baselines, policies, and procedures for a business’s operating environment

Tax data integration:

Drawing on our industry insights, coupled with expertise in various tax compliance and technology platforms, we assist organizations to map policies and standards, and design solution and data model workflows on finance, accounting, and taxation management tools including SAP, Saber, and Oracle. We help to enable businesses to define, collate, deploy, and administer tax information/standards specific to services/products and industry.

Additional Services:

Tax reporting | Information request support | Property tax support

  • Calculate multi-jurisdictional taxes to comply with multiple statutory requirements. Includes preparation of customized tax packages to align with internal and external statutory requirements
  • Preparation of special reports requested by local taxing authorities
  • Tax litigation services
  • Tax certification


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