Mobile Consumption in a post-growth world

Global Mobile Consumer Survey 2019

The age of smartphones began twelve years ago, and in that time its uses and importance in our daily lives have steadily increased. In these pages you’ll find several distinct themes on the contemporary usage of the smartphone in the Middle East region as told by 2,000 surveyed respondents.

Twelve years on from the dawn of the age of smartphones, zoom in on the digital trends of consumers within the Middle East. With its young, tech savvy population and a growing base of expat workers eager to maintain communication links across the world, the Middle East has proved to be a fertile soil for smartphone usage.

Combine this with network operators keen to remain at the forefront of technology and it is no surprise that the Middle East shows one of the highest smartphone penetration in the world at 97%.

Once the 5G revolution finally arrives, we forecast that it will find a welcoming embrace from consumers in the Middle East and perhaps a re-birth of smartphones, infrastructure and content.

Global Mobile Consumer Survey 2019
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