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Application Management Services

Deloitte Application Management Services (AMS) services go beyond the traditional AMS model by focusing on business optimization and innovation, not just point in time metrics, support, and Service Level Agreements (SLAs). We offer full lifecycle technology services from strategy through build, operate, and innovate with deep industry specific capabilities in managing, maintaining, and continuously innovating our clients’ application platforms to achieve business results.

Our services are priced to compete for the most sought after clients, with the best cost per outcome in the market. We have an unmatched ability to blend strategic advisory, program execution, near shore, and offshore delivery resources into a customized managed service solution.

Deloitte member firms’ worldwide infrastructure spans multiple geographies and provides clients access to a large pool of technology talent. Our practice delivers functional and technical capabilities across a global platform to continuously deliver on client specific business objectives. We are relentlessly focused on driving down costs, improving quality, and accelerating value in every aspect of our services.

Our Applications Management Services practice is responsible for maintaining client applications and technology infrastructure, including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, legacy systems, portals and middleware. We host and maintain the applications, deliver technical and end-user support and provide the necessary technology infrastructure. Clients benefit from our knowledge of best practice processes, gaining cost reductions and optimized operations.


Application support: creating sustained value

Value can only be gained from an enterprise resource planning system if an application management strategy is in place, supported by tried and tested methodologies and tools. Deloitte has identified five key dimensions to develop a world-class application support framework. These dimensions are:

  1. Strategy
  2. Governance
  3. Organisation
  4. Process
  5. Technology

Based on these dimensions, Deloitte developed the Support Value Delivery Methodology to enable to application support framework. Download the report to learn more.

Application Support

Value-driven Application Management Services

IT landscapes today are large and diverse, trending toward more complexity, not less. That complexity has become costly – with 65 percent of IT dollars now spent maintaining existing technology. To control spending, many companies created new, specialized functions dedicated to managing applications and infrastructure. These have become prime candidates for outsourcing, driving explosive growth in the Application Management Services (AMS) marketplace. Gartner projects enterprise  application outsourcing revenues to reach $86 billion in 2013. Which is all well and good except for one problem.

Download the report to learn how to harness the essence of AMS by linking it to continuous IT improvement and business innovation, rather than viewing it as an isolated element in the technology lifecycle.

Value-driven Application Management Services

Transitions that work: design from the future

As Application Management Services (AMS) delivery models continue to evolve, one area of special interest to IT organizations is the transition from build to operate. Like any big handoff, this transition can carry significant costs and risks. That partly explains the growing shift toward solutions that are integrated across the application lifecycle - sometimes through a single vendor, but not always. Transitions that are designed with long-term, future results and a clear end state in mind are far more likely to produce sustainable value.

Transitions that work: design from the future