Rana Salhab

Partner | Talent & Communications

Rana Salhab

Gefinor Center, Block D

Clemenceau Street




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Rana is the talent and communications partner and member of the regional management team at the Deloitte Middle East firm, whose network of offices covers 15 countries and 22 offices in the Middle East North Africa region. She oversees HR, brand and communications, corporate responsibility, and security in the region.

She is the chair of the partner screening committee and member of the partner succession planning committee. Rana is active in promoting women advancement, youth skills building, employability, and entrepreneurship skills in the Arab world, and sits on numerous NGO boards in the region.

In 2017, Financial Times and HERoes, in their Global Champions of Women in Business lists, named Rana at the top of the list of global champions of women in business. 

Rana Salhab