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The value we bring to clients is perspective — what we call 360° thinking. The Deloitte Global Manufacturing Industry group has an industry-specific depth, a reach both local and global, and an understanding of the balance between concept and execution.

Press releases

2015 global aerospace and defense industry to grow around 3 percent

Deloitte’s 2015 Global aerospace and defense industry outlook report signals continued strength of commercial aerospace from rising passenger travel demand and the production of next generation fuel-efficient aircrafts.


Competitive­­ness: Catching the next wave

Deloitte’s report, Competitiveness: Catching the Next Wave in Africa, examines the industries and populations that could propel Africa’s future growth over the next 30 years from three of the region’s important economies and regional hubs: South Africa, Nigeria, and Kenya.


Competitiveness: Catching the next wave

Read Deloitte's report to gain a broader perspective of China’s history of growth and identify key sectors that will help drive its sustainable growth.


Competitiveness: Catching the next wave

Deloitte's latest competitiveness report aims to examine India’s economic and demographic factors, along with the role government and policy makers play in driving the country’s “next wave” of sustainable growth.


Global Predictions 2017

Discover the major Technology, Media & Telecomms trends that will impact your business in the 2017 edition of Deloitte’s predictions for the TMT sectors. They reveal the perspectives gained from hundreds of conversations with industry leaders, and thousands of consumer interviews across the globe. 


Manufacturing for Growth

The three-volume report, “Manufacturing for Growth,” finds that executives around the world crave government policies that simplify taxes and protect free and fair trade – along with stronger energy and infrastructure policies and more focused education and workforce frameworks.


Global Manufacturing Competitiveness Index

The report confirms that the landscape for competitive manufacturing is in the midst of a massive power shift – based on an in-depth analysis of survey responses from more than 550 chief executive officers (CEOs) and senior leaders at manufacturing companies around the world.


Deloitte Digital’s accelerator for manufacturing

Deloitte Digital presents FastLean, a preconfigured template for sales and services teams within the manufacturing industry, designed to bring increased account insight and enhanced efficiency to its users. 


Deloitte Analytics

Learn how clients have applied analytics to achieve forward-looking insights combined with disciplined execution required in the manufacturing industry.



Innovation, transformation, and leadership in your market. 


Driving Innovation

Describes how Advanced Materials Systems enable innovation by breaking existing trade-offs between the cost and performance of functional solutions enabled by materials technologies


The ripple effect

Deloitte, named a Vanguard Leader by Kennedy in Supply Chain Risk Management Consulting in 2012, surveyed 600 manufacturing and retail executives to learn how they view the growing challenge of supply chain risk. 


2014 Global aerospace and defense sector financial performance study

Deloitte’s Global Aerospace and Defense Sector Financial Performance Study is an assessment of the 2013 financial performance of 100 major global aerospace and defense (A&D) companies using information from public company filings and press releases. 

Dickson, Duane

DTTL Global Chemicals Sector

Joe Vitale

DTTL Global Automotive Sector Leader


Manufacturing in the Industry 4.0 era

DTTL's Global Manufacturing Leader shares his thoughts on how factors such as disruptive innovation, energy, trade, and the future of mobility are affecting the manufacturing industry.


Advanced Manufacturing in a Digital Age

In this LinkedIn blog post, Tim Hanley, Global Manufacturing Leader, offers insights on the impact of digital innovations on the future of manufacturing.


Asian growth markets

In this blog post from Tim Hanley, Deloitte Global Manufacturing Leader, he shares insights on a recent trip to Southeast Asia and the manufacturing growth occurring in the region.


Opportunities for the fermentation-based chemical industry

Study by Deloitte Netherlands into the competitive position of North-Western European (NW-EU) crops, such as sugar beet as a raw material for the fermentation based chemical industry. 

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