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Mobility as a service on the horizon by Deloitte Global Leader, Consumer & Industrial Products

Tim Hanley, shares his perspectives on the Consumer Electronics Show 2017, and the inspiring development and potential of mobility as a service.

Reinventing the daily commute
How mobility-as-a-service could revolutionize public transport

Warwick Goodall, Director, Transport Technology and Technology Strategy at Deloitte examines what Mobility as a service (MaaS) is and how cities can take full advantage.

Talent challenges in US manufacturing amplified in global chemical industry

This post by Duane Dickson and Marcus Johnson addresses the issues causing widespread talent challenges throughout manufacturing and how they are being amplified by intense changes in the global chemical industry.

I will never look at a bicycle the same way again
Global CEO Punit Renjen on the importance of expanding opportunity

In this LinkedIn Influencers blog series, Deloitte Global CEO, Punit Renjen, uses a poignant story about a bicycle to share his perspectives on the importance of expanding opportunity as central to the role of business in society.

Feeling overlooked by employers, most Millennial women have one foot out the door
By David Cruickshank, Deloitte Global Chairman

Examining the results from the 2016 Millennial Survey, Deloitte Global Chairman, David Cruickshank shares his perspectives on employee retention and why the lack of loyalty among young professionals should sound alarm bells as Millennials become the predominant part of the workforce around the world.

Manufacturing in the Industry 4.0 era
By Tim Hanley, Global Consumer & Industrial Products Leader

DTTL's Global C&IP Leader shares his thoughts on how factors such as disruptive innovation, energy, trade, and the future of mobility are affecting the manufacturing industry.

United Nations General Assembly week
By Chip Cottrell

Representing Deloitte at a number of events coinciding with United Nations General Assembly week, Chip Cottrell shared his experience during the United Nations’ 70th Anniversary celebration.

Advanced Manufacturing in a Digital Age
By Tim Hanley

Global Consumer & Industrial Products leader, Tim Hanley, shares his perspectives on how the Manufacturing industry is evolving in this LinkedIn blog post. Hanley examines new technologies that are spurring the potential for disruptive innovation.

Perspectives on WBCSD Future Leaders Program
By Eduardo Alfonso Atehortua Barrero

The Future Leaders Program (FLP) challenges participants to think about ideas of how to scale up business actions on climate change and improve the business case. Participants are business professionals coming from companies that are members of the WBCSD, a members-based network of around 200 global businesses. Eduardo, a Deloitte Sustainability Services professional based in Medellin, Colombia, was selected to represent Deloitte globally to participate in the Future Leaders Program of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD). He shares his thoughts on the experience in this post. 


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