About the study

Central Europe CFO Survey

Positive expectations in a testing time.

How was the study conducted?

This annual questionnaire tracks the latest thinking and actions of CFOs representing largest and most influential companies in the Central European region. It explores top-tier CFO issues across five areas:

  • business environment,
  • company priorities and expectations, 
  • finance priorities,
  • CFO role.

The findings discussed in this report represent the opinions of almost 600 CFOs based in 12 Central European countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Ukraine. The survey was conducted between August and October 2016.

Message from the Program Leader

Essentially, this year’s report gives us an overall picture of positive expectations in a testing environment. On the one hand, the CFO Confidence Index, which we include for the second time, shows a significant 29-point rise in economic confidence over last year. On the other, there are some real worries about the quality of the business environment in which companies have to operate. For example, there are particular worries that the negative impacts of Brexit will include new restrictions on workforce mobility and decreased export opportunities. However, a clear majority expect their companies to deal successfully with the challenges caused by a relatively unfavourable business environment. And that shows great resilience, following several years’ operating in a tough environment, suggesting that CFOs have real confidence in their own abilities and in their companies’ business model and strategy.

Gavin Flook, CE CFO Program Leader, Deloitte Central Europe

Central Europe CFO Survey