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Central Europe CFO Survey

Managing company finances remains the biggest challenge for CFOs, regardless of the share of foreign capital in their companies.

Responsibilities associated with managing the company's finances continue to be the main priority for CFOs. While other responsibilities, such as overseeing the company's processes, managing the team and representing the company, are important they are not mission-critical.

  • To what extent is the CFO role still purely finance-oriented?
  • How much emphasis do CFOs place on system control and supervision?
  • And how do their views differ between sectors and according to their company revenue levels or proportion of foreign investment?

CFOs from the Business & Professional Services sector are the only ones in the survey to see controlling and overseeing the company's processes as more important than managing its finances. Representing the company is important for the CFOs of Financial Services and Life Sciences companies. Public Sector CFOs, on the other hand, consider it as the least important of their tasks.

Tasks that relate to team management are not a priority for most CFOs. However, the less revenue generated by the company, the more important the CFOs consider these tasks to be. Representing the company was seen as considerably less important by CFOs of companies with a share of foreign investment that stands at 50% or more.

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