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Through skills-based volunteering, strategic relationships with not-for-profits, and IMPACT Day initiatives, Deloitte professionals are making a positive difference in people's lives around the world.

Through skills-based volunteering, strategic relationships with not-for-profits, and IMPACT Day initiatives, Deloitte professionals are making a positive difference in people's lives around the world. Our volunteers are living examples of the Deloitte network's commitment to drive societal progress in communities, applying their skills and knowledge to create change and deliver impact where it's needed most.

William Eggers, Director, Public Sector Research, Deloitte Services LP (Deloitte U.S.), and Paul Macmillan, Deloitte Global Public Sector Leader, call volunteers who contribute solutions to societal problems "citizen changemakers" in their book, The Solution Revolution, published in 2013 by Harvard Business Review Press. In The Solution Revolution, they explain how technology has enabled a "solution economy" in which social enterprises, foundations, governments, companies, and citizen changemakers can now collaborate towards common societal objectives and spark societal change.

Inspired by Eggers' and Macmillan's book, the Deloitte Changemakers campaign was created to engage and energize Deloitte's professionals and highlight extraordinary personal stories of commitment and passion for specific societal issues. Seventeen member firm professionals representing eight initiatives were recognized during the past year for leading their own solution revolutions by driving projects that expose human trafficking, teach disadvantaged children, develop adults' professional skills, bridge the digital divide in emerging countries, and efficiently connect not-for-profits with volunteers.

To encourage future generations of volunteers, Deloitte Canada launched a Changemakers Scholarship for students whose parents are employed by the member firm. To qualify, young leaders need to demonstrate outstanding commitment to solving community problems.

Deloitte Australia is also supporting changemakers. In 2013, the firm began collaborating with The Australian Centre for Social Innovation (TACSI), a groundbreaking not-for-profit organization that tackles Australia's toughest social challenges through problem-solving strategies and innovative, community-based programs. Deloitte Australia was the principal sponsor of TACSI's inaugural Changemakers Festival in November 2013 and hosted a number of "Social Innovation Pitch Night" events from its offices nationally.

Deloitte volunteering with impact

Some examples of the impact our member firms have made this year

Deloitte Australia – Micro-volunteering platform

Not-for-profit organizations seeking volunteers can now find them with just a few clicks, thanks to a new online platform created by Deloitte Australia. Micro-volunteering @ Deloitte enables groups to connect with the Australia firm's talented and passionate network of employees. They volunteer their time, skills, and experience to solve challenges, and also crowdsource solutions. More than 40 skill sets are offered, from consulting on social media strategies and fund-raising ideas to helping with using spreadsheets.

Deloitte Chile – IMPACT Day

During IMPACT Day in Deloitte Chile in 2013, more than 120 employees donated one work day to benefit more than 1,100 people in low-income communities. Activities included improving the condition of a training center, a rural school, an assisted-living complex, a shelter for orphans, a day care center, and a social welfare building.

Deloitte Ireland – Nurture Africa

In 2013, Deloitte Ireland launched a new international skills-based volunteering program with Nurture Africa. Seventeen staff from the Deloitte Ireland’s Dublin office traveled to Uganda for a two-week placement where they provided skills-based volunteering, including accounting, finance, and consultancy advice to local community-development projects. Nurture Africa supports children in Uganda who are affected by HIV by providing access to health care and education.

Deloitte Luxembourg – Red Cross partnership

Deloitte Luxembourg has built a diverse and multifaceted relationship with the Luxembourg Red Cross. The firm and its staff members raise funds for Red Cross through various events, including an annual charity concert, bake sales, the corporate Christmas market, and by running marathons and collecting money based on each kilometer they run. Firm professionals also provide their skills to assist Red Cross in addressing business-related challenges, and volunteer in other capacities, including answering the call for blood donations.

Deloitte Portugal – Holiday season community campaign

Deloitte Portugal's 2013 holiday season community campaign included a variety of initiatives promoting giving and helping the country's underprivileged citizens. The firm supported 13 social organizations with in-kind and cash donations, and more than 120 Deloitte Portugal professionals volunteered with the homeless in Lisbon and Oporto.

Deloitte Spain – Get to Know My Project

Deloitte Spain's "Get to Know My Project" annual competition awards funding to two projects in which their professionals are personally involved — one national and one international. This year, the national recipient was “Run4Smiles," which raises funds to cover treatment costs for children with cerebral palsy. The international recipient was the "School Programme in Cambodia,” which provides opportunities for underserved children to attend school rather than starting work at a young age.

Deloitte Southern Africa – Feeding Scheme

The African Children's Feeding Scheme (ACFS) has a long-term community investment relationship with Deloitte Southern Africa. It runs a malnutrition rehabilitation program and serves 31,000 primary school children daily who might otherwise attend school on an empty stomach. Deloitte Southern Africa’s involvement spans from the firm’s chief executive, who chairs the ACFS executive board, to the professionals who give their time and skills in governance, strategy, operations, and fund raising.

Deloitte UK – Micro-Tyco Student Challenge

Micro-Tyco is an entrepreneurial challenge established by Wildhearts, a Deloitte UK Social Innovation Pioneers alumnus. They are helping to develop young people’s entrepreneurial skills, while raising money that is invested in micro-loans for women in developing countries. This year, Deloitte UK mentors were matched with student teams at universities. They were given £1 (approximately US$1.70) to turn it into as much money as possible during the month of February 2014. Sixty-nine teams participated, generating £21,989 (approximately US$38,000), and the winning teams were given work experience at Deloitte UK. The money has been used to support more than 3,300 entrepreneurs in Ghana to set up local businesses.

Deloitte U.S. – International volunteering

The D2international (D2i) is a social impact fellowship program of Deloitte Consulting LLP (Deloitte U.S.) that harnesses the business skills of its professionals for international community development and cultural exchange. This year, D2i had two cohorts. In Guatemala, the team worked with a not-for-profit focused on women’s empowerment to monitor and track effectiveness of programming, improve its processes, and infuse business models to help preserve the indigenous culture. In one month, D2i’s contribution helped raise the group's revenue by US$30,000. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, the team developed a millennial engagement strategy for a social enterprise designed to lower local unemployment rates among youth. The project culminated with a collaborative innovation tournament, which included The United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Deloitte Consulting professionals, and local municipalities.

Deloitte U.S. – Make-A-Wish strategic plan

Deloitte Consulting LLP (Deloitte U.S.) provided pro bono support to develop a three-year strategic plan for Make-A-Wish America (MAW). MAW currently grants 14,000 wishes a year to children facing life-threatening medical conditions, bringing much needed joy, relief, and hope to families and communities. Using the firm’s recommendations, MAW created a new fundraising model—focused on increasing major gifts and corporate engagement—that could help MAW double the number of wishes it grants annually. Deloitte U.S. member firm professionals also participated in the annual Wishes in Flight® program, donating more than five million airline miles in 2013, providing more than 200 airline tickets. Travel is the biggest expense for MAW and a factor in 74 percent of wishes.  

In this report, the terms Deloitte, our, we, and us are used to refer to the Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited (DTTL) network of member firms or to one or more DTTL member firms. See additional information.

[Caption] Photo at left: Deloitte Chile volunteers in Santiago participating during Impact Day.

At the 9th annual Board of Boards CEO Roundtable of the Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy (CECP), Barry Salzberg, Global CEO, DTTL was honored with 2014 Founders Award for “leading a company defined by its values of embracing community needs as their own and for creating a culture of pro bono service.”

During the past year, 17 Deloitte member firm professionals representing eight initiatives were recognized for leading their own solution revolutions. Meet the Deloitte Changemakers:

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