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Leading with integrity

Trust—fostered through quality, integrity, and consistency in every interaction—has been at the heart of Deloitte for 169 years. It’s more evident today than ever in our policies for risk management, data protection, independence, ethics, and how we engage in regulatory and public policy arenas.

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Regulatory and public policy engagement

A robust risk-intelligent culture helps enable member firms to deliver excellence to clients, fulfill the expectations of its key stakeholders, and ensure it is serving the public interest.

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Deloitte diligently integrates ethics into its initiatives and processes to ensure quality and consistency throughout the network, and implements policies and programs that promote and sustain ethical conduct by Deloitte professionals.

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Independence and quality are essential to our integrity, our impartiality, our obligation to serve the investing public, and our member firms' ability to retain and attract clients.

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Globally connected

Deloitte's structure allows member firms to be leaders at all levels—locally, nationally, and globally—because its central governance policies are sensitive to the professional environments and cultures of individual countries.

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Global security

Whenever a crisis occurs anywhere in the world, Deloitte provides a swift response to help member firms account for the safety of their people, provide necessary relief, and resume normal business operations as soon as possible.

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Reporting process

In accounting for Deloitte's contributions and performance, we strive to intertwine the interests and concerns of our stakeholders with our own motivations, approaches, and priorities.