FSI Review

Responding to the new normal in financial services

The pace of change in the financial services industry has accelerated with disruptive technologies, regulations, and business models. The landscape has changed drastically over the last few years and tomorrow’s environment will no doubt be different but no less rich in possibilities for those who are prepared. The emergence of a new normal means a need for innovation in terms of how financial institutions meet the needs of their clients.

Within this paper you will be able to gain valuable insight into how you can gear up in facing the evolving landscape of financial industry and its trends.

  • The future of asset servicing: Shaped by three disruptive technologies
  • Getting a handle on financial crime compliance in Southeast Asia
  • Managing conduct risk: Addressing drivers, restoring trust
  • Five things major financial institutions can do to harness disruption

Despite the great appetite for transformation, financial firms seem to have continued to opt for tactical measures over the past decade since the case for change normally appeared prohibitive. Digital innovation has changed this equation, and firms should seize the disruptive advantage for themselves.

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