Islamic Finance

Islamic Finance

Deloitte’s Islamic Finance team advises both Islamic and conventional financial institutions seeking to leverage our Islamic Finance expertise. An internationally renowned Sharia’a Scholar works alongside Deloitte Audit, Consulting, Financial Advisory Services, and Tax specialists.


Meet the Scholar

Meet Mufti Hassaan Kaleem, an eminent Sharia'a Scholar and a leading expert in the field of Islamic Banking and Takaful (Islamic insurance).


The global Takaful insurance market

This report looks at the emerging regulatory and practice challenges that will impact the Takaful industry. It seeks to assess the business structures and strategies, market development and growth trends globally.


Deloitte and IRTI workshops on innovation, growth and talent shortages in Islamic Finance

Islamic finance is experiencing challenges on multiple fronts.


Brick by brick, tile by tile

Islamic Finance is a business and operational model that predominantly relies on its ‘intellectual capital’, ‘knowledge assets’ and ‘knowledge managers’ to drive its evolution and sustainability in both terms, qualitative and quantitative.


The growing pains of Islamic Finance

As this industry moves beyond the infancy stage of the last decade, we consider the neighborhood in which the industry has grown up to date and reflect on whether it may have contributed to the challenges, namely lack of development and innovation, that the industry is experiencing today.

Khalid Hilmi

Partner | Consulting | FSI Leader

Aly El Azhary

Audit Partner