HR Technology Strategy & Vendor Selection

Today’s organizations are confronted with an ever growing menu of technology considerations that span between on-premise, cloud, and custom solutions. Deploying HR technology solutions is part art and part science. The science comes from world-class tools and proven methodologies, but the art can only come from experience. The experience to know which technologies to leverage, how they integrate with your processes to create the right employee experience and how they can be deployed in your organization to drive adoption and, most importantly, change. Working with Deloitte allows you to leverage our know-how to optimize the value of your technology investment and create the capacity you need to focus on leading the business forward. An HR Technology Strategy and Vendor Selection effort includes: assessment of ERP and Cloud solutions, vendor selection support, and technology solutions for shared service centers and outsourced operations. This offering spans innovative technology practices to address an organization‘s specific needs for HR solutions related to people, data, reporting, and portal requirements.

HR Technology for 2015

Ten Big Disruptions Ahead

The HR technology landscape, which is now more than a $15 billion market in software alone,1 is exploding with growth and innovation. The market is flooded with new solutions, often financed by eager venture capital firms looking to be a part of this fast-growing market.

In our new report, HR Technology for 2015: Ten Big Disruptions Ahead, we explain the ten biggest disruptions happening in HR Technology, including:

  • Crowdsourcing and social systems transform HR practices;
  • HRMS and Talent Management merge; and
  • User engagement and ease of use drive system value.

This is one of the most tumultuous times in the HR Technology market. How can your organization keep up? Download our new report, available on a complimentary basis for a limited time, for an overview of all ten disruptions and guidance for your technology roadmap.

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