Business travelers: Using data analytics to aid in assessing tax compliance risk

Global Mobility, Talent, & Rewards

June 1 | 2 p.m. ET | 18:00 GMT

Host: Elizabeth Drigotas, principal, Deloitte Tax LLP
1 Intermediate CPE credit | Specialized Knowledge & Applications

Business travelers can trigger tax obligations in various countries and states. Is your company prepared to defend itself during a compliance audit? Can your company execute required tax withholding and reporting for business travelers without asking employees for their whereabouts? We'll discuss:

  • How data analytics can help identify where your employees are traveling.
  • A case study depicting how to assess tax compliance risk and understand potential global and domestic liabilities for business travelers.
  • How other companies mitigate business traveler tax risks and prioritize action plans.
  • Recent related legislation and developments.

Learn what data analytics may reveal about your business traveler population and related tax obligations.