Deloitte Tax Analytics solutions from around the world

Specialist Deloitte country-level teams offer proprietary Deloitte tools and methodologies to help your business realise the power of tax analytics.

Deloitte US Tax Analytics solutions

Every day, your organization is generating a vast amount of data with specific implications for the organization’s overarching tax picture. So it’s no surprise tax analytics has emerged as a key component of tax management strategies across industries. But businesses today expect more from the tax department - more business insights, more partnering, more strategy, more quickly. Using Deloitte's Tax Analytics solutions you can create a smarter and more nimble tax function.

Tax Entity Orchestrator

While tax leaders would like to develop and share ideas for connecting business goals with tax-efficient planning, that potential often goes untapped because their first responsibility is to produce timely, accurate information for financial statements. This critical task is frequently bogged down by overly manual, spreadsheet-driven processes, complicated consolidation with limited audit trails, and siloed functions duplicating processes and efforts.

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Business Traveler Analyzer

Often the most significant obstacles to companies' managing a population of business travelers are the identification and monitoring of the employees' travel. Our approach has evolved to reduce the burden of employee self-identification by harnessing the data that exists in the employer's systems. Through the power of data analytics, we enable our clients to visualize and proactively manage this population. At an enterprise level, this yields an enhanced ability to make informed decisions and policies to control costs, foster employee satisfaction and manage risk.

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