Tax data

Year of Assessment 2021−22

Sri Lanka tax data for 2021−22

Personal tax

Employee benefits


  • Any benefits to the employee or associate
  • Payments or gifts related to employment
  • Shares allotted under an employee share scheme

Value for the tax purpose

  • Fair market value
  • Amount received or value
  • Market value minus employees contribution

Payments or benefits exempted

  • Dental, medical, or health insurance expenses if the benefit applicable for employees on equal terms
  • Payments or benefits accruing to employees in common
  • The value of a right or option to acquire shares at the time of grants (liable only on allotment)
  • Compensation or gratuity payment for personal injuries or death
  • Government pension and benefit from the road vehicle permit
  • Retirement benefit being the refund of,

(i) provident fund
(ii) the investment income representing the amount derived by EPF, ETF, or any pension fund after 1 April 1987

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