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A Pragmatic Approach for Moving to the Cloud - 3 Key Considerations for Developing an Effective Strategy

There’s certainly a lot of excitement around putting business processes in the cloud, but this can’t be realized without a pragmatic cloud strategy. A number of factors can make the move to the cloud complex or inefficient. Many companies are attempting to streamline their move with hybrid cloud offerings, such as SAP HANA Cloud Platform or SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud, but before jumping into an SAP-based hybrid cloud strategy, IT leaders must ask themselves three big questions. Learn what three questions every company must consider in order to develop a pragmatic approach to the cloud.

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Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Digital Innovation Platform? 6 Key Considerations for Boosting Your Mobile Capabilities

As mobility increasingly becomes a way of life, it has steadily grown more apparent that simply rebuilding legacy applications as mobile applications does not deliver significant value. Building a mobile-first platform, however, can establish new business channels and uncover new opportunities. Today’s business leaders recognize the power of SAP solutions, such as SAP S/4HANA, SAP Fiori, and SAP HANA Cloud Platform, to deliver digital innovations and cutting-edge mobile strategies. Before taking advantage of these solutions, however, those who wish to make the most of their mobile strategy must keep in mind six key elements.

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Bring Your Own Data Visualization - Adopting SAP HANA As a Universal Engine for Generating Insights

Across all lines of business, data drives the modern enterprise. As a result, user groups from throughout an organization often select the data visualization tools that best meet their needs. This strategy makes sense in the short term, but can make things challenging for IT when it’s time to upgrade the performance of these tools. Fortunately, there is a single platform that will speed up any third-party data visualization application: SAP HANA. Read on to learn how SAP HANA can be deployed as a universal engine for driving fast and efficient insights from data visualization tools.

bring your own data visualization
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Decrease ALM Costs, Increase Mobile App Innovation - How Optimized Application Lifecycle Management Can Pave the Way for What Users Want

In today’s digital workplaces, there is a growing expectation for consumer-friendly mobile applications. Users expect easy mobile productivity, and that means intuitive user interfaces while using their smartphones or tablets. Yet building these simple-to-use applications isn’t always an easy task, and today’s IT organizations are limited by enormous pressures to do more with less. For this reason, SAP provides a comprehensive service management framework as part of SAP Solution Manager that can be used to enhance application lifecycle management (ALM) processes, freeing up the resources needed to improve mobile technology. Learn how this feature of SAP Solution Manager can enable you to cut out excess ALM costs and modernize the user experience.

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Everywhere Analytics: How the Internet of Things Helps Provide Deep Insights and Real-Time Business Process Transformation

The emerging Internet of Things (IoT) represents a world in which nearly any item — whether it’s an athletic shoe, an auto part, a medical device, or an industrial gauge — can be equipped to share data on its status. But how does this affect the business? In the IoT vision, individuals can take action based on that data and related alerts to adjust exercise habits, service cars, treat patients, manage assembly lines, and so on all in real time. But IoT is about more than just things, and it’s about more than making informed decisions: It’s about enabling organizations to track, count, observe, identify, evaluate, and act in circumstances that in the past were beyond reach.

Everywhere Analytics
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Extending Your Vision of Value - How Central Finance Can Add Value Beyond Simplification

Changes in technology and in the ways businesses operate have made the finance function increasingly fragmented, with data residing in disparate systems and locations. The Central Finance deployment option for SAP S/4HANA Finance helps finance departments overcome this challenge by enabling a single source of truth for finance data. This article looks at how Central Finance helps you not only streamline finance operations but also transform the finance function within your organization.

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Free up IT and focus on new business innovation - Shifting application management to the cloud can help reduce costs and increase efficiency

Cloud computing, though simple in concept, holds tremendous potential for addressing some of the most complex business challenges today. As a tool that can free up IT resources and allow organizations to concentrate more on business innovation, cloud computing offers a path to results that matter. Ultimately, shifting to the cloud can help reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Business innovation
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HR and People Analytics: Stuck in Neutral - 4 Tips for Jumpstarting Your Journey Toward Data-Driven HR

People analytics are transforming the way organizations manage their operations and workforces, enabling companies to assess and act on everything from productivity and performance to employee engagement and satisfaction. HR organizations in particular can use this type of analytics to help address complex challenges such as employee retention and talent acquisition. Despite these benefits, many companies are stuck in neutral due to a lack of understanding about what it means to build strong analytics capabilities. In a Deloitte survey, 75% of companies recognized that people analytics were “important,” but just 8% thought their organizations were “strong” in this area. Here are a few suggestions to help jumpstart your organization’s understanding of people analytics and set you on the path toward data-driven HR.

People Analytics
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New Expectations, New Tools - How SAP S/4HANA Finance Addresses Top Challenges for Finance Leaders

Finance leaders operating in a challenging business environment focus on reducing costs, honing leadership skills, and developing new finance talent. Discover how SAP S/4HANA Finance can serve as a critical tool for helping the finance team accomplish these three key objectives.

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SAP CFO Luka Mucic: Driving insight with in-memory technology

With the growing interconnectivity and complexity of global business, CFOs and the finance organization are increasingly expected to act as their company’s nerve center and navigator, communicating and collaborating with a wide range of business partners, each of which brings its own issues, systems, and ways of doing business. New finance tools using cloud computing and in-memory database technology can help finance leaders simplify their operating environment, and access and deliver data in real time. In this discussion with Deloitte’s John Steele, Luka Mucic, CFO and chief operating officer of SAP SE, offers insights from his experience helping organizations migrate to new finance systems based on SAP HANA®, the in-memory data platform. Read the Wall Street CFO Journal article.

SAP CFO Luka Mucic
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SAP S/4HANA and the Public Cloud: A Powerful Combination That Brings Simplicity to Business

Simplification is essential to remaining competitive in the digital economy — simple landscapes are nimbler and easier to manage. Public cloud and SAP S/4HANA are two technologies that can help businesses simplify significantly, enabling access to deep functionality with minimal setup. Learn five factors you need to consider prior to deploying SAP S/4HANA Cloud, and what you need to do to address them and make simplification a reality.

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Secure, Vigilant, Resilient - How Companies Can Keep Pace with the Evolving Threats of Modern Business

Despite heightened attention and an unprecedented level of security investment from organizations, the number of cyber incidents and their associated costs continue to rise. Increasingly sophisticated hackers cause some to question whether security is even possible in today’s rapidly evolving landscape of cyberattacks. The very innovations that drive business growth and value — such as the proliferation of sensitive data and the mobile access that employees often have to it — create cyber risks that, if not checked, can outweigh the business benefits the organization is seeking. To stay secure, vigilant, and resilient in a rapidly evolving landscape of cyber threats, companies need to identify the top risks they face and develop a sound cyber risk program that includes software such as SAP solutions for governance, risk, and compliance (SAP solutions for GRC).

secure vigilant resilient
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The next revolution in analytics: SAP S/4HANA - Reshape business processes on the fly with real-time insight

The word “analytics” often conjures images of after-the-fact investigations — big-picture analyses that can provide insight for strategic planning and smarter decision making in the future. Many people view analytics as a tool that makes them wiser in a holistic way, but don’t see how it can be applied to routine, daily tasks. With the right solutions and applications, however, analytics capabilities can provide insights instantly during specific but commonplace business processes — whether it’s something like producing a sales quote or making everyday procurement decisions.

Revolution in analytics
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Think Beyond Your Wish List - New SAP Offerings Enable the Exponential Supply Chain

Experience often dictates what supply chain leaders expect — and don’t expect — is possible, leading many to assume items on their wish list simply “can’t be done.” New offerings from SAP offer previously unimaginable functionality, however, and supply chain managers who don’t reevaluate their expectations may be missing the opportunity to take advantage of the benefits of digitization. This article discusses how to adopt a broader vision of what’s possible for your supply chain.

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Where Digital HR and Teams Intersect - Workforce Management Trends Are Shaking Up Today’s Organizations

The shift toward digital business has helped to drive two key trends in the workforce: the rise of digital HR and the increasing prevalence of working in teams. Digital HR, which provides workers with self-service tools and easier ways to collaborate, has changed how employees interact with their work and with the HR department. Meanwhile, the rise of teams has altered the traditional departmental structure. Read on for an analysis on what these new trends mean for your organization.

where digital hr and team intersect
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The Source of Value

Procurement executives across the globe continue to see the potential they can unlock throughout the supply chain. They understand that business today is about engaging, collaborating, adapting instantly to evolving needs, and finding new sources of value. Getting that value, however, can prove a challenge.

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