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Whether you want to access the latest cloud-based SAP® applications or move your existing applications and data to the cloud, developing and executing a plan can be tricky. It involves an ability to understand not only your organization’s goals, but also an ability to understand how to achieve those goals amid an ever-changing business and technology landscape. Cloud infrastructure and cloud applications can offer a path to value. Capturing and sustaining that value is another matter. We can help.

Cloud infrastructure as a service

Using cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) offers a host of potential benefits—such as lowering total cost of IT ownership and enabling you to scale your infrastructure to readily meet shifting demands. Cloud infrastructure solutions also can help you simplify IT so you can spend less time on maintenance and more time on innovation, accelerate the transformation of your enterprise to meet evolving business goals, and move away from a capital-expense model and toward an operating-expense model. They also help you access the latest tools immediately, right in the cloud.

We understand the value of cloud—and what it takes to get there. We bring a powerful blend of experience, insights, and skills to organizations seeking to understand and solve cloud computing challenges. We can help you build the business case for cloud and develop a migration strategy. We can also take the reins on implementation and provide ongoing services after the go-live phase.

With thousands of Deloitte professionals working across a wide variety of industries and addressing challenges in complex IT environments, we are an undisputed market leader when it comes to cloud knowledge. We also know SAP. Our global services alliance with SAP extends back to 1991, and we continue to co-innovate with SAP—meaning we know where solutions such as SAP® S/4HANA are going.

Our proprietary accelerators, readiness map, readiness framework, and cloud computing playbook help us jumpstart your cloud efforts so you can start seeing value sooner. And with our comprehensive end-to-end SAP on Deloitte Cloud offering, we can help rapidly configure and manage a reliable and high-performing cloud environment to host your applications and data for years to come. Our offering guides you through strategy development and the migration process and delivers a fully hosted solution supported by complete cloud managed services.

Cloud software as a service

Getting access to SAP functionality doesn’t have to require a big IT investment. A broad array of cloud-enabled SAP solutions are at your disposal via the cloud—including SAP® S/4HANA Finance, SAP® Ariba for the supply chain, SAP®SuccessFactors for human capital management, SAP® Hybris for commerce and customer engagement, SAP® Fieldglass for labor management, and SAP® Concur for travel and expense.

Tapping the power of SAP applications via the cloud can help you streamline and simplify critical business processes while providing your workers and third parties with the tools they need to operate more efficiently and effectively. SAP applications in the cloud also offer you the ability to stay constantly current on the latest SAP capabilities, to efficiently integrate with mobile solutions, and to reduce your internal IT burdens. But getting the most value out of SAP cloud applications requires more than plugging in. We can provide the support you’ll need to get value from cloud applications.

Our long history with SAP, our global network of business and technology professionals, and our deep industry-specific experience means we can bring a rich set of resources to all your cloud challenges. And we understand that getting business-focused results through cloud applications involves far more than software know-how. We don’t just understand how SAP applications work. We understand how they can work for you. We understand the deep functionality SAP cloud applications can bring and how they apply to various roles within your organization—from frontline workers to top executives.

More than that, we know how to help you deploy them in a way that makes sense for your organization—whether you want to use them as stand-alone solutions or integrate them with SAP®S/4HANA to make a bigger impact. And throughout the process, we can work with you to customize implementations and personalize the user experience, following through with change management to help ensure that your cloud solutions can deliver the results you need and the value you expect. 

Cloud platform as a service

Want to leverage cloud technology to develop innovative capabilities and deploy apps that can help you address workforce needs, meet rising customer expectations, transform the supply chain, and unlock new value? We specialize in helping organizations deploy ground-breaking applications with SAP® HANA Cloud Platform—a powerful resource for building the apps you’ll need to operate effectively in the evolving business and technology landscape.

As a rich development environment, SAP HANA Cloud Platform gives businesses a tool for creating mobile-ready cloud apps or for extending existing apps. SAP HANA Cloud Platform serves as a powerful platform for integrating and connecting the components and services needed for deploying apps effectively.

We can help you explore opportunities for using SAP HANA Cloud Platform—from identifying the potential for new value to developing a strategic vision to building the apps needed to help meet tomorrow’s demands.

Doing business in the cloud

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Pavan Srivastava


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