Jennifer Steinmann

Global Chief Commercial Officer | Salesforce

Jennifer Steinmann

555 Mission Street

Suite 1400

San Francisco


United States


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Jennifer is the Global Chief Commercial Officer for Deloitte’s Salesforce business, with the objective of significantly scaling the business within the next four years.

From 2015-2019, Jennifer was Deloitte’s Chief Transformation Officer–leading Strategy, Innovation, and Technology for the Deloitte US firms. Jennifer teamed with Deloitte’s businesses to set the organization’s strategic direction, address strategic issues and opportunities facing the firm, and evaluate changes in the business and competitive environment. Jennifer was also responsible for executing the innovation and technology blueprint for the firm by incubating and bringing to life new technology-driven possibilities. As Chief Transformation Officer, Jennifer launched a new executive office to transform key attributes of the business and drive greater collaboration across the firm.

From 2011-2015 Jennifer was Chief Talent Officer and Deputy CEO of the Deloitte US firms.

Jennifer Steinmann