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Impact Report 2017

Deloitte Central Europe

Every day we challenge ourselves to identify the issues that are most important for our clients, our people, and for our local communities — and we ask ourselves, how can we make an impact that matters on those issues?

Deloitte Central Europe’s Impact Report for 2017, published in December 2017, describes many of the activities the firm undertook between 1 June 2016 and 31 May 2017 to fulfil its purpose of making an impact that matters on its clients, its people and in its local communities.

The many activities and achievements the report describes played an important role in Deloitte Central Europe’s overall performance during 2017. This was a year of record results, including the firm’s highest ever revenues (totalling EUR 361 million), when it further outpaced its competitors across the region.


Key highlights:

- Important investments extend positive technology impact of Deloitte Digital on client businesses across the region

- Updated, tech-enabled working practices broaden diversity approach to engage future generations within the workforce

- Employees make substantial social contributions across many sectors of society


The report contains three main sections, packed with case studies and stories illustrating some of the year’s key successes: 

‘Making sense of a changing world’ describes how a focus on continuous investment, innovation and progress are helping Deloitte’s clients solve complex challenges and anticipate disruption. According to Deloitte Central Europe CEO Alastair Teare, “This section includes many stories, for example one on how we’re enhancing audit quality by using Spotlight, our highly advanced proprietary analytics tool. It also covers initiatives ranging from recent developments in cognitive technologies and digital transformation to how we are tackling the risks of cybercrime and helping to engineer a borderless digital society.”

‘Inspiring the brightest minds’ looks at the firm’s investments in recruiting and developing exceptional talent through a range of innovative learning, mentoring and on-the-job opportunities. The section covers many examples of how Deloitte is helping its people be the best they possibly can be, enabling clients to leverage rapid growth in the application of technology. 

As Teare says, “Using technology to update our own working practices is also a key step in our diversity approach to engaging future generations as an increasingly important part of our workforce.”

‘Leading with purpose’ outlines how Deloitte Central Europe helps its clients, its people and its communities respond to the issues that matter most to them, ranging from the circular economy and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals to entertaining underprivileged children and comforting the lonely at Christmas. 

According to Teare, “A key area where we can help lead better business across Central Europe is by working closely with regulators to improve the quality of compliance and reporting, helping business and society as a whole to build a prosperous society for everybody.”

In the report, there are many further examples of how the firm’s people have gone beyond the call of duty to make an impact that matters, in and out of the office. As Alastair Teare says, “I am inspired by all of these stories, whether it’s helping a colleague in need or bringing the comforts of home to a local children’s hospital.”


“Of course, the report can only give a glimpse of what our more than 6,000 employees from 18 countries across the region do for the long-term interests of their clients, communities and colleagues. But, for me, it gives a fascinating insight into the many factors that make our region, and Deloitte itself, such a rewarding place to work.”

Alastair Teare, CEO of Deloitte Central Europe

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