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Deloitte understands the importance of Diversity and the need of empowering and advancing women. Through various motivational initiatives, mentoring, regular informal meetings and workshops, we aim to attract, develop and retain talented women at Deloitte.

Woman @Deloitte brings together senior female leaders from all the firm’s service lines and links to the similar initiatives in other Central Europe countries.

Woman @Deloitte key initiatives:

  • to provide opportunities for women of advanced professional stages and backgrounds, to connect and enrich each other's experience in the company;
  • to mentor aspiring women leaders and enable them to have successful career;
  • to destroy gender stereotypes and biases when it comes to leadership in the top positions;
  • to promote the role of women in boards and top management positions.


So far Woman @Deloitte had the meetings with:

  • an inspiring speaker Nomeda Marazienė (CEO and Consultant at Lyderystės Ekspertų grupė). She helped to find the answers how to manage everything in our life.
  • Deloitte Diversity & Inclusion Manager Malwina Faliszewska. Malwina told about how to build and maintain self-confidence.
  • Together with inspiring and charismatic speaker Rima Vanagė we tried to find the answers about men and women: archetypes from nature, why we differ? VUCA environment, what it demands from us? Men and women, how we can explore these experiences to understand ourselves more fully, access our creativity, and potential.
  • Coach and founder of Dream Workshop (Svajonių dirbtuvės) Lina Danienė. Lina is a certified Talent Dynamics consultant. After a successful career of 20 years (including 13 years in management positions in Swedbank), she is now seen as the go-to corporate trainer for businesses that seek to improve team dynamics and communication, and ultimately achieve better results.


This year at Women@Deloitte we:

  • got an enhanced understanding of our talents and identified the talents of our team;
  • experienced “aha” moments about why certain relationships are inhibiting performance and learned how to appreciate each other's skills and approaches; 
  • Understood how the team can operate more efficiently;
  • Discovered how to turn challenges into opportunities and create value within their team and organization.

Women@Deloitte 2018

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