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Success to Deloitte and its member firms means hiring the best people and investing in their ongoing development. That means as your career goals change and grow, we can support you with the tools and education you need to keep advancing.

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The foundation of our organisation-wide education initiative, shared competencies and shared values outlines a framework of capabilities expected from our team as a whole. Defining what's expected, in the form of shared, technical and specialised competencies, this model identifies gaps and target areas for future growth. The goal is the ability to provide clients with the same superior service every time and everywhere.

Our clients’ perception of Deloitte quality is shaped by the quality of our people - the knowledge and skills they bring to their jobs. A strong commitment to a rich culture of learning simply makes good business sense.

Multiple Measures of Quality

No matter where you work in Central Europe, Deloitte provides ready access to educational opportunities that meet quality standards. Our people take the time and effort they invest in learning and development seriously. Consequently, we set criteria for instructional integrity that make their commitment worthwhile.

Singular Focus on Individual Needs

Your function, role, level, prior education and experience define a highly individualised set of learning and development needs. Some needs are common to all professionals at Deloitte, while others are shared among a select few. We attain optimal value for each learner by integrating and prioritising two complementary values - strategic relevance of each learning activity and a broad selection of opportunities. Competency maps, specialised curricula and programmes and learning paths provide the framework for meeting your job performance and career goals.

Convenience That Fits Your Style

The variety of professional and technical topics offered by Deloitte is matched only by our diverse blend of available learning methods. The common denominator is convenience. Live and virtual instructor-led classes and 24/7 access to eLearning - online or downloadable self-study courses and just-in-time knowledge tools - give you the options you need to balance your ever-shifting work and personal priorities.

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