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Meet Giedrius Padriezas

Tax Consultant at Deloitte Lithuania

"Outside work, I saw personalities of my colleagues, each of them interesting in their own way. Deloitte Lithuania team works to stick together and be As One."

Giedrius Padriezas’ success story began in March 2012. He was then studying Financial Economics at Mykolas Romeris University.

“I wouldn't have refused Deloitte offer at any point during my studies, but a significant interest in the company and its prospects arose at the beginning of the second semester of the final year of my Bachelor studies. I did not hesitate and wrote an application letter for an intern position under Tax Department. Why there? Because tax services are dynamic, changing and on demand at any time”, says Giedrius.

A few days later, Giedrius received a call from the HR Department and was invited to go through his first test. In a week, after passing and having an interview, he became a member of Deloitte Lithuania team.

“During the first day, I was introduced to transfer pricing. Once again, I was shown that business has to adapt to the ever-changing tax environment to be efficient and, subsequently, profitable. The next few months were as exciting as the first day – a lot of interesting projects, opportunities to work with different managers and people”, adds Giedrius.

Giedrius was working with transfer pricing projects throughout his whole internship. “What I love the most about it, is the chance to gain a lot of new knowledge on different industries. Each of them has its own specifics, and the fact that Deloitte works with one of the biggest business clients in the Baltics allowed me to see the business from much broader perspective”, continues Giedrius.

Giedrius highlighted he couldn't have reached any level of “success” if he didn't have Tax colleagues around him, ready to help, teach and give accurate advice. “I really appreciate that help, because it allows me to grow not only as a practitioner in tax field, but as a person as well”, adds Giedrius.

“It is no secret that major clients expect excellent services, which I can affirm that Deloitte Lithuania is ready to deliver. Each and every client is the most important for the company, and each project has to maintain a high standard so the client is satisfied with Deloitte services”, explains Giedrius.

As he puts it, “Outside work, I saw personalities of my colleagues, each of them interesting in their own way. Deloitte Lithuania team works to stick together and be As One. I've already had several trainings and social events in this short time that I'm here… And there is definitely more to come in the future.”

“People say “practice makes perfect”. I'd like to add to this – “knowledge and practice makes perfect”. And believe me, Deloitte is the perfect environment for a curious and enthusiastic person to develop and reach their goals”, says Giedrius.

After two months of internship, he was offered a position of Consultant under Deloitte Lithuania Tax department.

“It's hard to say if I'm successful enough, but my experience here at Deloitte Lithuania cannot be defined in any other way”, sums up Giedrius Padriezas.

Currently, Giedrius holds a position of a third-year Consultant and is ready for the opportunities to follow.


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