Central Europe CFO Survey


About CE CFO Survey

This regular, high quality questionnaire tracks the latest thinking and actions of CFOs representing largest and most influential companies in the region. It explores top-tier CFO issues across four areas:

  • Business environment
  • Company priorities and expectations
  • Finance priorities
  • Personal priorities

Key Findings for Lithuania:

  • Despite increased external uncertainty and geopolitical challenges, Lithuanian CFOs feel more confident about the financial prospects of their companies and are willing to take more risk onto their balance sheets.
  • Most of the Lithuanian CFOs expect moderate GDP growth of 1.6-2.5% in 2016, somewhat more conservative compared to official forecasts. Unemployment is expected to further decrease.
  • CFOs are now willing to raise additional debt as opposed to maintaining the status quo, which was found in the previous survey. Bank borrowing is clearly the most attractive source of financing, followed by internal financing and corporate debt. Equity financing has gained some ground but is still perceived with caution.
  • Revenue growth in current markets remains the most important business strategy among both Lithuanian and Central European companies. Pressure on operating margins due to growth in salary level is expected within the next year.
CE CFO Survey 2016
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