Financial Advisory Solutions regarding to COVID-19 

Keep your business safe

Addressing the financial impact of the COVID-19

How we can support you in Lithuania to navigate the crisis

Financial Distress Assessment

  • Review cash flow forecasts and key financial indicators to understand current state
  • Challenge key forecast assumptions using our insight of the evolving economic situation
  • Understand actual needs, assess available 01 headroom and identify cost-out measures

Scenario Planning and Forecasting

  • Perform testing for different possible scenarios to identify points of weakness
  • Support in business planning and reforecasting
  • Ensure you are informed and equipped by assisting with regular cash-flow tracking and reporting during the crisis period

Debt Restructuring

  • Identify flexibility with existing lenders
  • Assist in renegotiation with lenders by performing independent business review, and identifying and valuing additional collateral
  • Explore additional financing options using upto-date knowledge of crisis finance packages

Recovery and Future Preparedness

  • Assist in returning to business as usual through strategic, financial and operational support
  • Analyse key weakness points in crisis preparedness and management

We are ready to answer all of your questions and help with any aspects needed to protect your business.

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