Obligation to register clients during pandemic: how to comply with GDPR requirements?

Current worldwide pandemic has not only changed our social life habits, but also brought new obligations to local businesses. Since 26 October 2020, Lithuanian restaurants, cafes and bars, as well as leisure and entertainment sector, are obliged to register clients by checking their ID document, collecting names, surnames and phones numbers, i.e. personal data.

Are these companies ready to become data controllers? Please kindly be reminded, that it is necessary to:

✅ Select appropriate technical and organizational measures for personal data processing;
✅ Properly inform client about their data processing;
✅ Collect only such personal data, which is required by laws;
✅ Keep personal data only for as long as necessary, and at the end of this period - choose the appropriate means for its safe destruction;
✅ Update company's internal documents related to the processing of personal data.

Let‘s remember that even an extraordinary circumstances do not release us from the obligation to process personal data in accordance with GDPR rules. Proper preparation and adequate security measures are the key to avoid breaches and fines.

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