Deloitte Legal in Lithuania introduces the Migra-Line 

automated document drafting system

The legal services market is constantly increasing its use of technology and fast-growing automation tools.

Deloitte Legal in Lithuania, a member of the global Deloitte Legal Network, has recently introduced the Migra-Line automated document drafting system. Operated by the Immigration Law Practice Group, the system is a product of the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology, which enables the simultaneous processing of large amounts of data and the automatic drafting of standard documents.

According to Gintare Stoniene, an Employment & Immigration practice leader at Deloitte Legal, the new system not only helps to reduce the likelihood of human error but also allows for the efficient allocation of existing human resources, which puts more focus on solving complex legal issues and content creation.

The Migra-Line automated document drafting system enables the initial drafts of documents to be prepared at the click of a button, which means that the entire process of preparing immigration documents has been simplified and become more efficient. 

The new system has provided broader opportunities for organising large-scale immigration projects and offering optimal solutions for clients,

notes Gintare Stoniene.

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