Changes in residence permit application process

October 14th 2019

Starting from the 14th of October new online immigration application system MIGRIS will enter into effect. Migration Department has already introduced the system to the public, therefore, we would like to pay your attention to the key points below.

Key points

Submission of TRP application online

(i)     Starting from 14th October foreigners applying for residence permit in Lithuania will have to submit application and supporting documents (scanned copies) through online system MIGRIS;

(ii)     Employer/host company in Lithuania will be entitled to fill in application forms and provide supporting documents on behalf of the applicants through MIGRIS;

(iii)     All documents required for TRP application will have to be uploaded into online system, including information on residence address in Lithuania, health insurance policy, necessary translations into Lithuanian, etc.

Reservation for appointments

(iv)    Submission of the application via MIGRIS will enable the foreigner to be registered for appointment at the immigration office in Lithuania. There will be no possibility to make appointments without submission of TRP application online.

(v)     First appointments will be available after 4th November. All appointments already arranged by 31 October are valid and foreigners will be accepted according to the previous practice.    

(vi)    Applicant will be allowed to change the scheduled appointment for 2 times without any implications. If the appointment time will need to be changed for the 3rd time, a suspension period of 1 month will be imposed.

(vii)   In all cases, the applicant should arrive to Lithuania within 4 months after application submission online.

Arrival to Lithuania and submission of original documents & biometrics

(viii)   Application submission online will not entitle a foreigner to apply for a national visa D. In order to arrive to Lithuania for biometrics and submission of originals, the applicant should apply for a Schengen visa C (only in case there is no visa-free regime and the applicant does not have a document allowing to enter Lithuania, e.g. visa/TRP issued by another EU country).

(ix)    During the appointment at the immigration office in Lithuania the applicant will be requested to provide the same original documents that were submitted online, as well as his/her biometric data.

(x)     Examination of TRP application will start after documents are verified and applicant provides biometrics in Lithuania. Periods for examining the applications are not shortened;

(xi)     Unfortunately, as for today, there is no possibility for applicants to provide biometrics through Lithuanian Embassies or Consulates worldwide.

Kindly note that more updates are expected, once the MIGRIS is launched.

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