Covid-19 crisis: Guidelines and Restrictions

Covid-19 crisis in Lithuania

UPDATED: 2020, June 11

The Government of Lithuania on June 6 decided to revoke the quarantine from June 16, but the declared state-wide state-of-the-emergency situation due to the threat of the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) was maintained.

The main changes:
•     temporary control of the internal border has been extended until July 16 by carrying out checks of persons entering the Republic of Lithuania at the internal border of the European Union: at international airports and Klaipeda State Seaport;

•     only the citizens and residents of European Economic Area countries, the Swiss Confederation, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland will be allowed to enter Lithuania, if in the country they reside morbidity Covid-19 disease in the last 14 calendar days did not exceed 25 cases per 100 thousand;

•     entry from third countries will only be allowed if a mutual agreement between states on the admission of citizens is reached;

•     Since 12 June border control with the Republic of Poland will be abolished. People will be able to travel without any justification and will not require isolation;

•     17 June to 16 July, pre-school and pre-school education and non-formal education of children may be carried out in schools and other educational institutions, provided that the necessary provisions for health safety, hygiene and personal protective equipment are in place;

•    Until 30 June, events can take place in open spaces with up to 700 spectators and in indoor spaces with up to 150 spectators. From 1 July, up to 1,000 spectators will be able to take part in outdoor events and up to 200 in indoor events;

•    personal health care services in direct contact with the patient are provided only when the health care services cannot be provided to the patient remotely due to the patient's health condition or the need for a more detailed examination;

•    Since June 17 wearing protective equipment such as masks is recommended but not required.

UPDATED: 2020, May 27

The Government of Lithuania on 27 of May adopted a decision
to extend quarantine in Lithuania until 16 of June and approved the sixth phase
of quarantine relaxation.

From 1 of June:

·        Groups of more than 5 people are allowed to
gather in public places;

·        Catering establishments, restaurants, cafes,
bars, nightclubs and other entertainment venues are allowed to work from 8 am
to 11 pm;

·        From June 1to June 15 allowed to hold events in
open spaces, when no more than 300 spectators and / or participants participate
in the event ensuring a distance of at least 1 m between spectators;

·        From June 1 until June 15 events that will take
place indoors will be attended by a maximum of 100 spectators and / or
participants and a distance of at least 2 m between spectators will be ensured;

·        Opening of the border with Latvia - abolition of
checkpoints. Allowed to enter by air from countries where the incidence of
infection in the last two weeks did not exceed 25 cases per 100 000 population.
Those coming from such countries will not be required to isolate themselves for
two weeks.

From 16 of June:

·        No more than 500 spectators are allowed to take
part in outdoor events, keeping a distance of 1 meter between people;

·        Events that take place indoors can be attended
by up to 150 spectators while still maintaining a distance of 2 meters.

UPDATED: 2020, May 13

The Government of Lithuania on 13 of May approved the fifth phase of quarantine relaxation.

From 14 of May:

  • Wearing masks in public places will no longer be mandatory - only recommended. However, masks will still be mandatory for persons over 6 years of age in all public enclosed spaces (except for eating and drinking in catering and sports) and in certain open spaces: marketplaces and other public outlets, events, excursions, public transport boarding places;
  • Groups of up to 5 people are allowed;
  • Non-scheduled flights carrying more than 10 passengers to international airports of the Republic of Lithuania are performed only after obtaining a separate air traffic permit issued by the Lithuanian Transport Safety Administration.

From 15 of May:

  • Allowed to enter Lithuania without a mandatory 14 days isolation not only for Polish citizens but also for persons legally residing in Poland for work, business or study purposes;
  • Not only Estonian and Latvian citizens are allowed to enter, but also persons legally residing in these countries;
  • Transit of seafarers is allowed. The transit of seafarers could take place with the safe transport of the shipping company or ship's agent.

From 18 of May:

  • Public catering establishments, restaurants, cafes, bars, nightclubs and other places of entertainment are allowed to operate indoors, limiting their working hours from 8 am to 10 pm;
  • It is allowed to resume the operation of gambling houses (casinos) and slot machine parlors, limiting their working hours from 8 am to 10 pm;
  • Measures for strengthening public health, prevention of chronic non-communicable diseases, planned inspections of public health safety control are allowed;
  • Ensure at least 5 sq. m. area per person during events and gatherings ( instead of 10 sq. m.);
  • When performing individual sports activities and physical activity exercises, ensure at least 5 sq. m area per person and a distance of at least 2 m between persons.

From 25 of May:

  • Allowed pre-primary education and educational support for students, as well as the organization of counseling at school (individual and group); to carry out the education of pupils in special schools; to pursue higher education which cannot be pursued at a distance and vocational training where it cannot be pursued at a distance or where it is pursued on an individual basis.

From 30 of May:

  • It is allowed to hold high-mastery sports competitions without the participation of spectators.
  • It is allowed to hold personal celebrations in public open and closed spaces, when no more than 30 people participate in the celebration.
  • Health service centers providing recreational services are allowed.
  • Events are renewed indoors when no more than 30 participants participate in the event ensuring at least 10 sq. m. per person and a distance of at least 2 m. between persons.
  • Allowed primary and secondary education in schools and the provision of educational assistance to students.

UPDATED: 2020, May 6

The Government of Lithuania on 6 of May adopted a decision to extend quarantine in Lithuania until 31 of May 31 and approved the fourth phase of quarantine relaxation.

From 7 of May:

  • allowed to sail on small, recreational, sports, personal, traditional ships and other floating equipment or means. Groups of more than 2 persons will be allowed to sail, maintaining the distance between these persons and ensuring the necessary conditions for public health safety, and hygiene;

From 11 of May:

  • persons from European Union countries are allowed to come to Lithuania for work, business or studies. All arrivals (except those from Poland) will need to self-isolate;
  • allowed to organize examinations of all vehicle driving skills and abilities and practical training in all types of vehicles;
  • persons are allowed to take foreign language proficiency assessment examinations (credits) when entering foreign higher education institutions, if no more than 10 persons participate in the examination providing 10 sq. meters area per visitor and a distance of at least 2 meters between persons.

From 15 of May:

  • Restrictions on the travel of Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian citizens traveling between the Baltic States are lifted - two weeks of self-isolation are no longer required. However, citizens of the Baltic States returning from other foreign countries will have a duty to isolate themselves in their own countries.

From 18 of May:

  • allowed to carry out the activities of pre-school and pre-school education institutions. The provision of contact social services in day and employment centers for children and people with disabilities is also allowed;
  • allowed to resume activities for all beauty services: body care, solarium, tattooing, jewelry piercing, etc .;
  • allowed to attend sports clubs for private training. They must be led by a physical activity or high-skill sports instructor or physical activity specialist, and no more than 10 persons must take part in the exercise (except for close relatives, adoptive parents, adoptive parents, guardians and caregivers);
  • allowed to take part in high-level sports exercises for athletes and indoors, providing 10 sq. meters area per visitor and a distance of at least 10 m between persons;
  • it is allowed to renew events outdoors, when no more than 30 participants participate in the event and at least 10 sq. meters area per visitor and a distance of at least 2 meters between persons are provided;
  • allowed to visit patient with the permission of the attending physician and in accordance with the procedure established by the head of the health care institution;
  • allowed to resume the activities of dental clinics.

From 30 of May:

  • indoor events are allowed when no more than 30 participants participate in the event and at least 10 sq. M. meters per person and a distance of at least 2 meters between persons are provided.

UPDATED: 2020, April 29

The Government of Lithuania on April 29. approved the third phase of quarantine relaxation and new measures.

From 7 of May it is planned to allow:

  • trade in markets non-food products (clothing and other industrial goods);

From 10 of May it is planned to allow:

  • to renew the routes of certain flights, which must be approved by the Government upon receipt of a proposal from the Minister of Foreign Affairs;
  • for citizens to leave the Government of Lithuania;
  • all leisure activities in the open space, providing at least 10 sq. meters area per visitor;
  • more freely wear face protection. It will be possible not to wear protective masks outside the residential area (towns, towns, villages, single-family homes, gardeners' associations) and when there are no other persons (except relatives) within a radius of 20 meters. People in a car where the driver is driving with relatives, children under 6 years of age and athletes who play sports in high-level mastery competitions also don’t need to wear face masks;
  • to renew individual training of athletes not only in open spaces but also indoors;
  • update planned health care procedures after ensuring a reserve of beds for patients with coronavirus;
  • provide not only short-term services, i.e. services lasting up to 20 minutes indoors, but also longer ones;
  • carry out practical driving training for seafarers and motorcycles when the instructor and the student use different vehicles.

The Seimas also adopted amendments to the Criminal Code on April 28, tightening the liability of persons with coronavirus who do not comply with quarantine. Persons who are medically informed of a contagious disease and do not comply with the quarantine conditions will face a fine, restriction of liberty, arrest or imprisonment for up to one year. If, as a result of such a person's irresponsible behavior, the contagious disease spreads and infects other persons, then the punishment for him would be even more severe - arrest or imprisonment for up to 5 years.

UPDATED: 2020, April 22

The Government of Lithuania on April 22 adopted a decision to extend quarantine in Lithuania until 11 of May 2020 and endorsed the second phase of quarantine relaxation.

From 27 of April it is planned to allow:

  • Operate cafes or bars, serving customers outdoors;
  • Start working stores located in shopping centers, providing 10 sq. meters area per visitor or one person at a time;
  • Trade in plants, seeds or fertilizers for planting will be allowed not only in specialized places, but also in marketplaces;
  • Work for beauty salons (hairdressers and manicure services), providing 10 sq. meters area per visitor or one person at a time;
  • Visit cognitive and educational trails, parks, zoos, botanical gardens located in open spaces (if a distance of at least 2 meters between persons is ensured);
  • Visit golf and outdoor tennis courts, outdoor shooting ranges, water board parks, providing 10 sq. meters area per visitor or a distance of at least 10 m between persons;
  • Visit museums and libraries, providing 10 sq. meters area per visitor or one person at a time;
  • Organize vehicle management skills and competency assessment exams and aviation trainings.

UPDATED: 2020, March 26

➡️ On 25th of March Government agreed to extend quarantine in Lithuania until 13th of April, 2020.

➡️ Government also decided to submit amendments of legal acts to the Parliament, that would allow the Government, in case it is necessary, to set ceiling prices for most important goods and services.

Guidelines and Restrictions:

-         The Government recommends the private sector to organize the work and servicing of customers remotely, except where it is necessary to carry out the work at the workplace.

-         The activities of health service centers, sanatoria, recreation centers are prohibited, except for the individual rehabilitation services, which are associated with treatment.

-         Hotels and other facilities will be used to isolate individuals by a separate agreement between municipalities and accommodation providers or at the request of the municipal administration director.

-         The activities of catering establishments, restaurants, cafes, bars, nightclubs and other recreational venues are prohibited, except where the food can be taken out or otherwise delivered to the customers.

-         The activities of shops, commercial and/or entertainment centers (other than food, veterinary, pharmacy and opticians), as well as the activities of markets other than food, are prohibited. This prohibition does not apply to online trading and the goods that are delivered to customers.

-        It is prohibited to provide beauty services.

-        The activities of casino and slot machines are prohibited.


UPDATED: 2020, March 23.

Notaries‘ offices, that have protective measures against virus started providing services. Other offices will open immediately when the safety of employees and clients can be ensured. List of particular notaries, that provide services, are not published so we advise of confirming the service provision by contacting notaries’ offices directly.

Only persons pre-registered by phone or via e-mail will be allowed into notaries’ offices. Notary will have the right to refuse entrance and services to persons if there is a reasonable doubt about persons’ health or if they refuse to follow preventive measures and that might lead to health risk.

All the preparation work must be completed using remote measures.

Citizens' enquiries and requests to transfer succession cases can only be submitted to the Chamber of Notaries by e-mail

Center of Registers:

The Center of Registers is temporarily replacing the service provision regime. From Monday, March 16, most services are provided only electronically. The remaining services requiring entry to the establishment shall only be provided in urgent cases when the visit is registered in advance by telephone.

Pre-reconciled visits will be available in the 10 divisions of the Center of Registers in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, Šiauliai, Panevėžys, Alytus, Marijampole, Tauragė, Telšiai and Utena. Registration in advance is carried out by telephone +370 5 268 8262. Customers are invited to pay with a bank card or online transfer.

The remaining customer service units will not serve customers. Such regime will be valid for the next two weeks, i.e. by 27 March, or until other instructions from the Government of the Republic of Lithuania.

Electronic services will be provided as usual.


STI postpones the deadline for declaring an advance income tax for two weeks, until 30 March.

By expanding support measures for business, a proposal is currently in the process of concluding a Tax Loan Agreement (TLA) for the payment of Personal income tax (PIT) contributions, until 16 March.

Pending the adoption of legislation providing for the extension of support measures to business and of allowing the conclusion of a tax loan agreement on the PIT (with a maturity of 16 March) the STI will not carry out the recovery of that tax.

The application for TLA conclusion and other documents required for examining the application (documents indicate the amount of debt, the preferred settlement schedule and the reasons why there is currently no possibility to cover the total amount of the fee) are accepted electronically within the STI portal “mano VMI”. Each taxpayer's request and the situation shall be individually assessed on the basis of the information provided and in accordance with the validated criteria.

The acceptance of a decision on deferral or arrangement of the payment takes up to 30 days (from the date of the request and other documents). In the publication of a positive decision on the payment arrangement or deferral, the TLA shall be within 10 working days.

In cases where the taxpayer is temporarily out of business (and does not constitute or carry out any transactions with the economic operators; does not receive any income other than the interest of cash available in the bank accounts of the taxpayer), they may be exempted from the declaration of the tax and/or other statutory documents.



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