Risk Services

The Risk services offered by Deloitte member firms provide solutions and frameworks in the areas of risk analytics and measurement, risk reporting and risk data management to help companies design, implement and improve their infrastructure (processes, data and technology) related to specific risks (e.g. governance, strategy and planning, operations/infrastructure, compliance and reporting) affecting the organisation. This includes data analytic techniques to enable ongoing monitoring, the build-out of data management capabilities, and development of KPIs.

Deloitte member firms work with organisations to implement risk appetite and utilisation monitoring capabilities and to establish related risk governance structures needed across the enterprise. Deloitte professionals can assist with developing a strategic approach to managing risk that simultaneously addresses management expectations and provides solutions for both risk management and regulatory compliance.

We provide risk management services related to the integration of risk management process into corporate governance process of an organisation. This helps to create bigger added value and to manage risks related to the activities of an organisation more efficiently. Services offered include identification of risks relevant for an organisation, risk assessment, procedures and models assuring proper risk management.

Risk management

We perform diagnostics of the current internal control system of an organisation and identify areas for improvement. During diagnostics, we analyse whether the current controls cover the main risks and assess the efficiency and effectiveness of the current controls. After identifying certain deficiencies, we propose specific recommendations for the improvement of the control system.

Creation of an effective internal control system

We provide IT internal audit services related to audits of IT management and monitoring, information security, implementation of information systems and vulnerability of computer networks. These services also include internal audits of innovative and up-to-date information technologies - cloud computing, social networks and mobile devices.

IT internal audit

We help internal auditors of an organisation to perform internal audit tasks (co-sourcing services) or provide internal audit out-sourcing services when a company does not have an internal auditor. Additionally, we provide related advisory services, good practice examples and share knowledge of innovative methodologies. We perform specialised internal audits in areas such as IT, fraud investigation, risk and corporate governance.

We also perform external quality assessment of internal audit activity based on the International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing.

Internal audit

We advise organisations on legal and/or various standards compliance-related issues. We help organisations to solve issues related to adherence to requirements set in national and international legislation or standards and represent organisations in communication with supervisory institutions.

Compliance services

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