Automated Processing of accounting documents

Automated Accounting includes less accounting time, improved ccuracy and reduced staffing costs. You can easily move away from slow, manual information processes by using a modern workflow automation solution. Furthermore, it is one of the best ways to remove risk with rules, logic and standards to secure information.

We help businesses manage their accounting, tax, payroll, reporting and technology processes by using experienced professionals who can provide advice and practical support through a mix of outsourcing, contract personnel, co-sourcing and project-related services.

Identify yourself

  • Do you use a paper-based accounting system?
  • Are you fed up with manual accounting processes and paper invoices?
  • Does your manual approval process have no electronic tracking system that facilitates the collection, control and processing of data?
  • Do you have to handle many receipts after business trips?
  • Is an audit period often an ordeal for the accounting department as well as the auditor?

If you have answered “yes” to one or more questions, then let us make a full assessment of your business process and requirements to determine the best technologies for your needs!

Harness technologies

Let us make it simpler. With the smart technologies, we can make bookkeeping faster, easier and more efficient. Document management creates a framework to capture not only documents, but also information, as close as possible to its point of creation. The digitization of information makes it possible to automate key information workflows and increase business agility.


Use your smart phone

Even when you do not have an access to your office, we can help you with the full range of possibilities for working with your documents. With the help of application on your smart phone, you can easily take a photo of a document and send it to an approval flow or digital recognition system. This means that your colleagues working in the field or always traveling can be better integrated in workflows.


Optimize your HR trough the self-service

Give employees the technological autonomy by using a web based self-service system where everybody can manage their information from day one. Arrange time away from the office by viewing a balance and applying for leave online. Submit timesheets electronically instead of filling out paper forms and submitting them to HR. Find uploaded payslips so that you never have to print another paper payslip again. If your HR department still relies on paper, employee self-service is a genuinely cost-effective way of reducing backlogs and improving accuracy.

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