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Analytics and Information Management

The world is changing, fast. Customers are demanding a more personalised experience. Competitors are appearing out of nowhere. Governments and regulators are demanding faster and more accurate reports. The most important answers to your complex business challenges may be hiding in your data. Those who can make sense of the vast quantities of information at their disposal are coming out on top. But in a world where the amount of information is doubling every 2 years, how can we keep up?

Deloitte’s Analytics & Information Management (AIM) practice can help you uncover and unlock the value buried deep inside vast amounts of data. Our global network provides strategic guidance and implementation services to help companies manage data from disparate sources and convert it into accurate, actionable information that can support fact-driven decision-making and generate an insight-driven advantage. Our practice addresses the continuum of opportunities in business intelligence & visualisation, data management, performance management, and next-generation analytics and technologies, including big data, cloud, cognitive and machine learning.

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Our advice is technology agnostic, but we are able to implement solutions for all technologies. We also offer off-the-shelf solutions completely tailored to specific industries and use cases. These focus on time-to-value and maximising the benefits that our platforms, knowledge and solutions can bring.

We have the breadth of capability, deep industry expertise and CxO level relationships to be the leader in full-lifecycle Analytics & Information Management provision.

Internet of Things: Dedicated networks and edge analytics will broaden adoption

Business interest in the Internet of Things continues to grow, with two trends driving an expansion of IoT applications and possibilities: the emergence of new wireless communications networks and the arrival of "edge computing" IT infrastructure. This publication takes a closer look at how dedicated networks and edge analytics will broaden adoption of IoT. To read the full publication, click here.


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