2022 Luxembourg Impact Report

"A laptop can open a wealth of possibilities if put in the right hands, here in Luxembourg, as well as all across the globe.” 
Francesca Messini, Partner, Sustainability Leader

In a globalized world, addressing the digital divide – the unequal access to digital technology, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and the internet – is paramount to expand access to education and allow more individuals to innovate, connect and fuel economic development.

To help close this gap for individuals without access to hardware, Deloitte gave 150 laptops – that were until recently used by its professionals – to three non-governmental organizations that will give them a second life.

Two of these supported organizations are active in Luxembourg – Elisabeth and Digital Inclusion a.s.b.l. – and the third, Fondation Follereau, is active beyond our borders and used the donation to support a development program in Togo and Benin.