2022 Luxembourg Impact Report

"The aspiration is to make all Working Parents feel that having a career at Deloitte and being a great parent is both doable and desirable.” 
Christian van Dartel, Partner, DEI Leader

Deloitte Luxembourg’s Working Parents Program (WPP) supports our employees’ transition to working parents by providing crucial resources before, during and after their maternity and parental leave. This wealth of information and recordings is available to employees whenever they need them.

This year, programming emphasized the importance of caring for your mental health, work-life balance and avoiding burnout:

  • Testimonials from working parents who share how they adapt as parents – and the new or unexpected super-skills they tap into when they return to work. These stories aim to change how we regard parental leave and highlight the new dimensions that working parents bring to their work.
  • An e-Café session featuring WPP champions and Leaders on how they are able to balance family imperatives and a career at Deloitte. The panel emphasized the importance of communication and open discussion with the team leaders before, during and after leave to manage the transition smoothly.
  • A livestreamed conversation on topics like parental burnout and how it compares to professional burnout with graduate educator and parenting expert Tania Hemmer and DEI Leader Christian van Dartel. Tips for managing stress and relationship dynamics were among the applicable takeaways.

"As parent, you will juggle many different expectations. It's so important that pre- and post-leave conversations are designed to address both your family and personal life and your work.” 
Christian van Dartel, Partner, DEI Leader

Key takeaways:

  • Our We/Me Work model empowers our people to do their jobs how and where they work best.
  • Teams come together for “moments that matter” to connect, collaborate and innovate for our clients. 

"Parental burnout weighs much heavier than professional burnout because you cannot resign from your parenthood.” 
Guest speaker, graduate educator and parenting expert
Tania Hemmer