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Culture & beliefs

Our mission is to help our clients and our people excel. We are one of the world's leading business advisory organisations. Our size, strength and resources will help us carry out our mission now and in the future.

Our shared beliefs are the underlying values that contribute to long lasting success at Deloitte. They are the foundation from which we make decisions and take action. They are the fundamental principles that link our diverse practices, cultures, and functions together. They are simple, yet make a powerful statement about what we value and how we act individually and as a global firm.

  • Commitment to each other
  • Integrity
  • Outstanding value to clients
  • Strength from cultural diversity
Our shared beliefs

Our culture is our competitive advantage. As part of a global organisation, with one underlying mission, the people of Deloitte share a common vision and set of beliefs. These fundamental elements define who we are and distinguish us in the eyes of our clients and our people. We constantly work on:

  • Turning the latest thinking, experience and knowledge of processes and technologies into intelligent and practical solutions
  • Focusing efforts to add value for clients with honesty and integrity. Having the ability to make tough principle-based decisions. Ensuring quality above all and always doing the right thing, even when it’s the hard thing to do
  • Building enduring relationships founded on mutual respect for diversity of thought and background, and on the strong belief that teamwork invariably produces the best results
  • Being clear and concise in our communications, straight in our dealings with people and open in our approach
  • Taking a 360-degree perspective on issues to seek out the whole picture before putting forth solutions
  • Anticipating future needs, developing workable solutions to problems, responding with rapid turnaround to questions and service requests. We are committed to outstanding client service and to taking a stand on issues
Our culture
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