2022 Luxembourg Impact Report

"We witnessed how the pandemic catalyzed an irreversible transformation in the way we do business. The We/Me flexible working model gives our people greater autonomy in organizing their work, contributing to a positive and supportive working environment.” 
Stephan Tilquin, Partner, Talent Leader

At Deloitte, we know work-life balance is crucial for our professionals to be their best selves and strive to give our people the autonomy to do their jobs in a positive working environment. That means providing flexibility where we can.

With the launch of the We/Me Work model in March 2022, Deloitte is embracing the future of work. This no “one-size-fits-all” way of working ensures that our people are in the place that matters to make an impact that matters. “We” work emphasizes meeting or collaborating with clients and colleagues on site, while “Me” work entrusts our people with the freedom to spend time on focused work while remote.

We had already taken concrete action to offer more flexible ways of working, but the pandemic accelerated the rate of change. We’ve now gone one step farther to offer our people a unique and fulfilling work environment where they can choose where to deliver the client service excellence associated with our brand.

Key takeaways:

  • Our We/Me Work model empowers our people to do their jobs how and where they work best.
  • Teams come together for “moments that matter” to connect, collaborate and innovate for our clients. 

Learn more about how we bring the We/Me Working model to life: