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Deloitte Luxembourg launches Inside, its first magazine dedicated to operational excellence

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2 July 2013

Deloitte Luxembourg has released its first edition of Inside, a tri-annual magazine focusing on operational excellence in banking, asset management, insurance, as well as the public and healthcare sectors.

Each issue of Inside puts the spotlight on a new operational issue. It provides readers with an inside perspective on the topic, presenting the main challenges and market best practices across the various industries.

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“Operational excellence means designing and implementing the most efficient business model in terms of organisation, processes and systems. The objective is to deliver the best value to the end-customer, while taking into account the firm’s cost structure and available resources. At Deloitte Luxembourg, we are aware of the fact that operational issues are going steadily higher up the corporate agenda, especially in the current economic climate” explains Basil Sommerfeld, partner at Deloitte Luxembourg “In order to share our expertise and to support market players in understanding the challenges and in strengthening their competitive positioning through operational excellence, we launched this new magazine,” he continues.

This first edition of Inside is dedicated to enterprise data management. It points out industry-specific hot topics, provides insight into data management models and market practices and presents Deloitte’s approach to optimum organisation, processes and controls, as well as corresponding system optimisation. 

The articles cover topics such as:

  • Developments in data management - shaped by tougher user requirements and greater complexity
  • Electronic data management - a key part of the European Union’s Digital Agenda
  • Banking and asset management players - increasingly considering electronic data management to be a strategic activity requiring operational efficiency
  • Preparing for analytics in healthcare
  • The impact of Solvency II on data management in insurance
  • The maximisation of the business value of your Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution

Inside can be downloaded from the Deloitte Luxembourg website at and is also available on the Deloitte Luxembourg app for iPhone, iPad and android.

English, French and German versions included

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