2022 Luxembourg Impact Report

"DNAV is the ultimate tool to demonstrate how innovation serves quality, something on which the emphasis is constant at Deloitte.” 
Yann Merillou, Partner, Assurance

Futurists have long envisioned a smart funds audit, and at Deloitte, we place innovation at the heart of everything we do. With DNAV, a unique cloud-based technology entirely developed in-house, we turned a future aspiration into a reality for today.  

Using cutting-edge technology, DNAV enables a fund audit process for the Investment Management industry that operates seamlessly. DNAV enables teams to work faster and smarter, bringing efficiency in data treatment, and allowing focus to shift to risky areas. DNAV is the ultimate tool to demonstrate how innovation can enrich quality, a value Deloitte strives to consistently emphasize in all we do.  

But this innovative journey does not stop. DNAV is made future proof through continued investment in the latest available technology and regulatory requirements, making it a long-term solution for delivering audit, the Deloitte way.

Key takeaways:

  • Efficiency – teams working faster and smarter

  • Quality – enhanced focus in delivering the unmatched Deloitte experience

  • Innovation – cutting-edge technology leveraged to bring about positive change