2022 Luxembourg Impact Report

"At Deloitte, we believe change starts from within. This is why, from the moment new talent join our Firm and during their career path with us, we place sustainability at the core of their onboarding and learning pathways, ensuring they have the tools and knowledge to participate in our efforts in Luxembourg and at the global level to build a more sustainable future that benefits our clients, communities and the planet.” 
Giulia Bruni Roccia, Senior Manager, Sustainability Advisory & Consulting

Key takeaways:

  • Deloitte is committed to empowering its people to act through its WorldClimate initiative
  • All Deloitte professionals receive mandatory sustainability training
  • Sustainability is a core pillar of the onbaording journey of new professionals

One objective of the Deloitte WorldClimate initiative is to empower individuals about the meaning of climate change and the impacts of individual actions. Deloitte aims to enable its people to make positive climate choices at home and at work, and amplify these decisions through their personal networks.

As part of this commitment, Deloitte recently launched a mandatory sustainability training for all its professionals and included Sustainability as a core theme of its Induction Journey – the program designed to onboard the hundreds of young professionals joining the Firm every year.

In addition, Deloitte continued offering a regular series of workshops called Climate Fresk1. For 3 hours, participants discuss climate change, explore the links between decisions we make and their short- and long-term consequences, and discuss ideas and new steps to start making an impact on this decisive topic.

1 “Climate Fresk” is a collaborative workshop that aims to raise people’s awareness and understanding about climate change. Based on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) report, it explains climate change and its consequences.