InnovationLive 2013


InnovationLive 2013

Year over year, the World Economic Forum brings together leading minds for discussions and decisions on how to shape the agenda for a better world. In 2013, we gave you a seat at the table.

Through “InnovationLive” – a new, open online forum for debate – individuals around the globe are able to share ideas around business, innovation, and the impact on society.

In 2013, we tracked the conversation at Davos and through social media, and transposed the most insightful comments to our Deloitte live scribe wall at Davos. Today it remains a very real opportunity to contribute your voice to the conversation.

Some of the topics which are covered include:

  • How should business be measured?
  • How do you build an innovation culture?
  • What drives organisational innovation? What are the barriers?
  • How can business and innovation kick start growth in the economy?
  • How does business help society tackle the big issues it faces?
  • How do business led innovations benefit society?
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