Inside Magazine - Issue 12


Inside Magazine - EU Institutions & Agencies edition

June 2016

Welcome to this special edition of Inside, which is aimed at European institutions. It includes selected articles that have been published in the latest combined EU – Public Sector edition at the end of 2015 and also showcases the state-of-the art expertise of Deloitte’s public sector specialists on current hot topics for European institutions.This special edition includes a variety of topics related to development, such as social progress, education, and cyber security. We highlight new ways to measure the development of countries, how to identify governments’ priorities for action, and the role of technology in education.

Innovative solutions can be achieved with a new collaborative model between public and private sectors. The immense opportunities of technology and organizational transformation for EU institutions become clear as we look at the digitalization of public services.

We would like to take the occasion of this edition of Inside to share with you that Petra Hazenberg is now leading our “EU Institutions & Agencies” Industry in Luxembourg, taking over from Joël Vanoverschelde. The next special edition of Inside for European Institutions will be issued in March 2017; in the meantime, we look forward to receiving your views and comments, as well as to meet with you in the near future.

We venture to say that the topics addressed in this special edition of Inside concern us all, now or in the near future. We hope you will find this special edition of Inside magazine insightful.

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