Inside Magazine - Issue 12


Inside Magazine - Issue 12

COO CHRO CEO CFO - June 2016

It should be clear to everyone following the news nowadays that the economy has never been in such a state of rapid evolution, being disrupted by continuous innovation while being subjected to external pressures such as increased regulation and new competitors that put profits at risk.

Our Inside edition aims to provide the leaders (CEO/CFO/COO/CHRO) of today with the keys to decrypting the global trends that are already—and will continue to be—impacting the financial services industry in the short and medium term.

Digital disruption is still one area of focus, with new players and innovative solutions coming onto the market every week, revolutionizing the way banks, investment funds, insurance companies and other financial services providers are working, and with it their business models and sources of revenues.

As the world at large is moving fast, companies are still looking for means to preserve their profits and margins while under pressure from external factors such as regulation. But the latter also give rise to good opportunities if companies are able to use constraints and turn them into competitive advantages, especially when working abroad.

All of these trends are not worth considering, however, if we neglect the human capital, with people adapting themselves to the future and being directly affected by the changes in the end. The scale of disruption is so wide that all the layers of the organization are being impacted, requiring not only changes to how it is structured in order to becomemore flexible, but also the way human resources strategies are defined and adapted to this new approach.

The financial services industry seems to be in turmoil, but these challenging times are also ideal for fostering rapid transformation and conceiving the companies of tomorrow.

We wish you an inspiring read and hope this edition will contribute to successfully bringing your organisation forward in the next stage of its development.

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