Inside Magazine - Issue 13


Inside Magazine - Issue 13

CIO - October 2016

In a world in constant evolution, topics that headline CIOs’ agendas are multiple and heterogeneous. In last year’s CIO edition of the Inside magazine, we drew a path to understand and navigate through those disruptive trends and determine topics on which to spend valuable time and money. Where do you stand now and what are the elements that will drive your future decisions? In this 13th edition of Inside magazine, we focus on three perspectives that will be key topics for tomorrow.

Digital remains one of the most important opportunities for transformation even though it has already been under the spotlight for some time. To highlight this fact, we have selected several articles that focus on new and trending topics in digital. From the internet of value to robo-advisory and cognitive intelligence, digital still has the potential to reshape the future of the financial services industry.

From a core process and technology perspective, we believe that Robotic Process Automation and Blockchain will be further examples of subjects driving the transformation. Robotic Process Automation will bring tools to create a virtual workforce—increasing capacity and improving efficiency. Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies tend to make disintermediation the new standard.

In the third part, we have decided to focus on the risk and cyber perspective. Transformation could arise through multiple channels, and CIOs must quickly adapt to new challenges and embrace opportunities. The Know Your Customer (KYC) process and the exponentially growing cyber threat are two prominent examples. Transformation will also be driven by new regulations such as privacy in the digital market with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the internal market (eIDAS), as well as payment regulation (PSD2).

We wrote this edition of Inside with the objective to provide you with essential and contemporary market topics and points of view. We hope that you will enjoy reading this magazine and that it will offer you fresh insight.

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In this issue

Part 01 | From a digital perspective

Part 02 | From a core transformation/technology perspective

Part 03 | From a risk and cyber perspective

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