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Inside Magazine - Issue 2

CIOs - October 2013

Various factors influence CIOs work and decisions. Proactive CIOs who want to anticipate changes constantly monitor business and technology trends but also regional and local market specifications such as regulatory challenges and evolving customer behaviour. Now more than ever, CIOs need to use game-changing technologies to transform their business and position themselves as catalysts for innovation. Today’s CIOs have to become Chief Innovation Officers in their companies. This role and the importance of innovation in our fast changing environment will be the common theme of this issue. If they do not take up this challenge, someone else will. In that context, the initial findings of the Deloitte 2013 CIO survey show that, after many years mainly seeking operational excellence through cost reduction, businesses are starting to think again of IT and technology to support growth.

Unfortunately, the survey also shows that businesses still do not always consider IT as an incubator of innovation. However, who is better positioned than the CIO to understand the impact of innovation on the organisation, its go-to-market, its operations, and its processes when innovation is today still mainly about technology and information systems?

By combining human insight and intuition with machine-based number-crunching and visualisation, companies can use so-called ‘Big Data’ technologies to answer questions they were previously unable to obtain answers for. If you know how to empower your information systems with mobility, its potential goes far beyond smartphones and tablet PCs to include voice, gesture and location-based interactions, device convergence, digital identity as well as payment in your pocket, and pervasive mobile computing. CIOs also understand the opportunities of using private cloud computing to lower capital expenses, manage operational costs and facilitate new developments. They are concerned about the challenges of cloud computing, regarding unclear boundaries and increased cyber threats.

In this edition, Ethias’ CIO, Stéphane Rassart, also shares his experience in managing complex changes and points out how to define and plan the transformational journey required to push innovation forward within the enterprise. He presents how the Ethias Enterprise Architecture transformation roadmap has integrated appropriate innovative technological capabilities and highlights best practice and advice in this domain.

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This second issue of Inside magazine is dedicated to CIOs and their teams. We understand the unique challenges faced by CIOs in both the public and private sectors.

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