Inside 4


Inside Magazine - Issue 4

COOs/CHROs - March 2014

This edition is particularly devoted to the Chief Operating Officers and Chief Human Resources Officers who are evolving in an ever more complex environment. The world emerging from the financial crisis is difficult to grasp. In this context, COOs/CHROs now face the growing pressure to reduce costs while enhancing the capabilities of their organisation, or at least maintaining them at the current level.

Indeed, in today’s competitive, hyper-connected world, entities are required to operate at ever-increasing levels of efficiency. As a consequence, this issue is about operational excellence and efficient target operating models, which are the ultimate objectives of a COO/ CHRO. The efficiency of operations and underlying processes are the core of an entity’s daily operations. Outsourcing is, in this perspective, a hot topic in many industries. Such a quest for performance is of course closely linked to technological opportunities (e.g. cloud, digitisation, legal archiving, information management, etc.).

This is the time when challenges are becoming arduous, time-consuming and therefore substantially expensive due to new regulatory constraints (e.g. anti-money laundering, counter terrorism financing, anti-corruption, FATCA, etc.). Our experts show that it is possible to turn these constraints into advantages, as explained through the tax relief and reclaim assistance. This issue of Inside asserts that it is possible to use constraints as a springboard to engage in a positive transformation. To conclude, as stagnation is likely to lead to inefficiency, organisations will most probably seek for change, especially in such a fast-paced environment.

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