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Inside Magazine - Issue 5

CEOs & CFOs - June 2014

This new edition of Inside is dedicated to the roles played by CEOs and CFOs in today’s world and draws our attention to some of the current hot topics that have a significant impact on all organisations.

This issue focuses on the financial services industry: retail banking, private banking and the investment management industry are all at a crossroads in their history as the financial crisis has challenged them to reinvent the way they do business.

The articles included in this edition of Inside reflect a wide variety of viewpoints from senior industry professionals. These esteemed contributors include for instance Dominique Senequier, CEO of Ardian, who sheds light on current trends in the private equity industry, as well as Bansi Nagji and Geoffrey Tuff, leaders of the Doblin Innovation Practice of Monitor Deloitte, who share their thoughts on innovation. Their interview illustrates that being innovative is a must for continued success in today’s world and one of the key takeaways from this issue.

This edition also covers other exciting topics such as the current rebound in M&A markets and how an effective post-merger integration strategy is critical to ensure that these transactions deliver on their promises. Finally, we also address some of the recent regulatory changes in the financial industry as well as some of the innovative responses we have seen.

In this issue

Adding innovation to the CFO’s agenda. CFO insights - Realigning your portfolio for growth. From private banking to wealth management - Challenges and opportunities.

This edition includes the following articles:

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