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Inside is Deloitte’s quarterly magazine offering an exclusive insight into best practices, trends and opportunities faced by our clients in the financial services industry.

Inside focuses on hot topics catching the market’s attention. Each quarter, we address topics related to a specific C-level function, explore them in detail and provide you with our analysis.

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Older issues

Inside issue 19, November 2018

Inside issue 18, June 2018

Inside Magazine Risk Global Edition 2018

Inside Magazine EMEA Technology, November 2017
We are pleased to share with you this new EMEA Technology edition of Inside magazine. For the past five years, our quarterly publications have offered you an exclusive insight into the leading practices, trends and opportunities in the financial services industry and beyond.

Inside issue 15, June 2017
In this issue, we aim to provide you with some perspectives by drawing your attention to hot trends, current challenges, and opportunities in the financial industry to support your decision-making process.

Inside EU Edition 2017
This third special edition of Inside is dedicated to European Institutions and Agencies, and explores the great challenges professionals involved in the public sector will need to overcome for the interest of their organization.

Inside Global Edition 2017
Welcome to the third international edition of Inside, a publication dedicated to governing bodies and internal control functions. Our objective is to explore the great challenges professionals involved in governance, risk, regulatory compliance, and internal audit will need to overcome for the interest of their organization.

Inside issue 13, October 2016
In a world in constant evolution, topics that headline CIOs’ agendas are multiple and heterogeneous. In last year’s CIO edition of the Inside magazine, we drew a path to understand and navigate through those disruptive trends and determine topics on which to spend valuable time and money.

Inside EU Institutions & Agencies edition, June 2016
Welcome to this special edition of Inside, which is aimed at European institutions. It includes selected articles that have been published in the latest combined EU – Public Sector edition at the end of 2015 and also showcases the state-of-the art expertise of Deloitte’s public sector specialists on current hot topics for European institutions.

Inside issue 12, June 2016
Our Inside edition aims to provide the leaders (CEO/CFO/COO/CHRO) of today with the keys to decrypting the global trends that are already—and will continue to be—impacting the financial services industry in the short and medium term.

Inside Global Edition 2016
Welcome to the second international edition of Inside, a publication dedicated to governing bodies and internal control functions. Our objective is to provide professionals involved in governance, risk, compliance, and internal audit with thoughtful insights into critical topics that may impact their organization.

Inside Public Sector edition, December 2015
This special edition of Inside on public sector is dedicated to both European and national institutions, and showcases the state-of-the art expertise of Deloitte’s public sector specialists on current hot topics for public institutions.

Inside issue 10, October 2015
The collaborative economy, the Internet of Things, fintech, artificial intelligence, and robots, you name it, will profoundly reshape our business and operating models. The financial industry will be disintermediated, public sector clerks will be replaced by digital machines, the healthcare industry will employ robot surgeons, and individuals will use 3D printing to get spare parts, and so on.

Inside issue 9, June 2015
Preparing for opportunities: this is the theme developed throughout this new issue of Inside. We aim to provide innovative insights that will allow you to proactively react to an environment that is experiencing “a significant amount of change,” as Véronique de la Bachelerie notes in her opening interview.

Inside issue 8, April 2015
Target operating models, and operations as a whole, are going through profound changes as a response to operational challenges, regulatory requirements and digital innovations.

Inside issue 7, February 2015
The world and the environment in which decisions are made are experiencing profound transformations. Consequently, new risks appear, old ones are changing - and the ability to cleverly understand and manage risks will be crucial.

Inside issue 6, October 2014
We have gathered a large number of articles written by experts, with some of them developing ideas raised in last year’s CIO edition, and some investigating entirely new avenues. In the 2013 editorial, we encouraged CIOs to position themselves as Chief Innovation Officers.

Inside issue 5, June 2014
This issue focuses on the financial services industry: retail banking, private banking and the investment management industry are all at a crossroads in their history as the financial crisis has challenged them to reinvent the way they do business.

Inside issue 4, March 2014
The world emerging from the financial crisis is difficult to grasp. In this context, COOs/CHROs now face the growing pressure to reduce costs while enhancing the capabilities of their organisation, or at least maintaining them at the current level.

Inside issue 3, February 2014
With today’s heightened awareness of the need for anticipating and managing risks in an evermore dynamic and uncertain environment, boards, audit, risk and compliance committees and C-suite executives are striving to better understand the broadest range of their actual or potential risk exposures and the effectiveness of their governance, risk, and compliance infrastructure.

Inside issue 2, October 2013
Various factors influence CIOs work and decisions. Proactive CIOs who want to anticipate changes constantly monitor business and technology trends but also regional and local market specifications such as regulatory challenges and evolving customer behaviour.

Inside issue 1, June 2013
Within the current market landscape, two different forces are at work when we talk about enterprise data management and the related pressure for operational excellence.

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